Terror Cells in the USA? Simply Follow the muslim Link

A number of pundits have been discussing the terror cells in the UK lately on various cable news nets. The question that keeps coming up is- will terror cells that we see in the UK pop up in the US?

All of those I have actually heard speak on the issue have missed the point. Terror cells won’t come simply with nuts getting together and learning how to plan attacks. It won’t come with people with decent organizational or planning skills. Whether or not there are attacks will depend on one thing- if the US sees an explosion in the muslim population. Worldwide, we see terrorism, and one need only find the link to islam. Everyday, there’s a new attack somewhere, and all you need to do is follow the muslim link to the plotters and attackers. That’s a fact, whether people want to admit it or not.

Sure, there has been terrorism over the past half century that wasn’t linked to islam, but the threat we all face now is terrorism from islam. No sane people are sitting around worried that jews will attack us, or that christians will start bombing trains or airports or whatever else…no one is worried that hindus are going to ravage our major cities with nukes. People ARE scared that islamists will attack us…and rightfully so. It takes a modicum of common sense, nothing more.

So- the question is…are US cities seeing an explosion (no pun intended) in the muslim population. Are we seeing more radical muslim groups in areas of the country? Follow the terror-filled link back to the prophet of doom and carnage. That’s where we need to concentrate, and hopefully politically correct twits won’t stop that sensible approach with their fantasy world of peace-hippy love, happiness, and worldwide peace.

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Alan Colmes: Abbas a Terrorist?!!

Speaking to experts on the middle east (despite the fact that Ajami kept mentioning the nation “palestine” that has never existed), Alan Colmes gasped when former PLO terrorist, Walid Shoebat, said that Abbas is a terrorist himself.

I just had to sigh at Colmes’ sheer ignorance. The leader of fatah (a TERRORIST organization- the word “terrorist” is a big hint) is called a terrorist, and somehow that shocks Alan Colmes? I guess he doesn’t consider Abbas a terrorist…in that case, you have to wonder when he hit his head and when he’ll be back in the real world with the rest of us.

The lesser of 2 evils one of the men said…the lesser of two terrorist groups we’re choosing. It’s a shame, when we could go in and route out these thugs and take control over these areas once and for all. Israel hasn’t done a very good job with all of this either- they constantly capitulate to absurd international demands in the name of this imaginary state known as “palestine” that wants to take control of the land mass that was given to the Jewish people in 1948 (before the UN, ignorantly, tore it in half and offered only part of it to the Jewish people and part of it to the arabs who already have large nations on all sides of Israel. Israel pulls settlers out- what happens? Rocket attacks from hamas and others…they give a little bit more this time and a bit more next, what do they get? Terrorist explosions killing innocent Israelis.

I’d say we’re all pretty much cowards when it comes to this issue. The world, if it would band together to fight islamic radicalism (I personally think all islam is radical, as the founder of the religion was a mass murderer- you don’t get much more radical than that!), we could go it much more effectively. Unfortunately, very few people have the will to fight this global war, and it’s unfortunate…the unwillingness to fight will eventually lead to the destruction of all of us.


Democrats Declare Failure in Iraq Again Without Facts

Reid and Pelosi are touting a failure in Iraq. The surge has failed. Why? Well, according to the AFP story, no one knows. Well- it does include a mention of the claim that the past 2 months were the deadliest for US troops. I hadn’t heard this claim until now, so who knows if that’s true.

Either way, look at the facts- if a nation loses a dozen soldiers in 1 month- I can assure you that is miraculous in the history of warfare. We would lose ten times as many men in WWII in 1 hour, and the nation wasn’t losing the will to fight then. Furthermore- we fought rough back then…today we’re hampered by whiny sissies who demand we can’t use this tactic or that because an innocent might perish as the result. In WWII we actually FOUGHT- our hands weren’t tied by crazy rules of engagement to appease the liberal PC crowd.

Not that every life lost isn’t a tragedy- it is, but this nonsense of saying 2 soldiers died, so now we better pack up and leave is downright insane. People die in war. Is this a newsflash to ANY person with a working brain??!

They seemed to agree (the dems, I mean) that they would wait until the report from the commanders on the ground on how the surge is working or not working…but, as we all knew- they had no intention of taking any of this seriously. They didn’t have the votes or the veto override necessary to stop this, so they’re playing games. The Democrats want us to lose- this letter from Reid and Pelosi are proof enough of that fact. A loss for the US is a victory for Dems- that’s precisely how many of them see it.

In part of the letter, the two declare failure months before they claimed they would wait to give judgement:

Pelosi and Reid told Bush in the letter that they planned to send him new legislation to “limit the US mission in Iraq, begin the phased redeployment of US forces, and bring the war to a responsible end.”

On Tuesday, Reid said that Senate Democrats would attach troop withdrawal deadlines to a Defense Department Authorization bill, due to be debated within weeks.

Playing to the far left (which is now, in my opinion, the actual base of the party)- in their vision- we lose and that’s good for the nation…because it will allow them to toss aside what the military says and politically force a troop withdrawal. “Phased redeployment”- that’s just too funny…the Dems really think you’re all a bunch of fools with secret code like this that means nothing but “remove the troops.” The troops don’t agree with this, the US people don’t, even the Iraqis and their government don’t want the troops to get out now.

If the Democrats have their way- US troops will be forced out, the nation will turn to complete chaos, and a hardline islamic government will find its way in, joining forces with Iran to develop nukes to send to terrorists to destroy ALL of us. Thanks Dirty Harry and Madame Pelosi.


Cache: A Film Only a Guilt-Ridden Liberal Could Love

We watched the French-language film Cache last night. Beyond boring. A pretentious heap of garbage that wallows in inane political nonsense. I was checking out reviews for the film (high brow critics adore film that pander to an uber-liberal audience full of guilt for being- well, for being civilized, advanced, free of poverty, etc.) We’re supposed to see that the boring events on screen are analogies to the world itself. The main character did something to a friend when he was 6 years old. Somehow, we’re supposed to believe that he should still feel guilty some 40 years later. Somehow his actions are world-shattering. We’re supposed to fit the pieces together- this is really a political statement about how insulated the wealthy are from the poor, how different people of different races are sonehow separated by an invisible wall of racism and hate.

Well, I say- nonsense. Nonsense to all of that. I’m sure filmgoers who hate themselves, hate their countries, hate their lifestyles loved this film. They can watch this and feel important and sophisticated, as if they’ve done the world a good deed simply by praising the film or just watching it and having no comment. This film is the sort of thing a “progressive” citizen would love- I’m a wonderful person for bein bored out of my mind for 2 hours, but golly we’re really doing something to change the state of affairs in the world. I will now contemplate how evil the west is and how mean we all are to the poor people in Algeria, for example.

I think the following section of one of the reviews says so much:

What results is a dynamic in which privileged Georges comes to represent imperialist First World nastiness and Majid symbolically stands in for oppressed Third World victimhood, a situation that ostensibly refers to France’s relationship with Algeria. However, as confirmed by an ungainly scene in which Georges and Anne selfishly panic over their missing son while, in the background, TV news footage of First World aggressive actions in Iraq and the Middle East goes wholly unnoticed, such political undercurrents also relate to current tensions between the West and Islam. Georges’ repeated use of the term “terror” is emblematic of Hidden’s pedantic inelegance, but the primary shortcoming of Haneke’s technically accomplished, thinly veiled parable is that, like the final shot’s covert presentation of information, the early sequences’ chilling suspense winds up getting hidden amidst its crowded, clumsy allegorical concerns.

The film wants us to believe that the civilized world is evil. For what? Being civilized?! Heaven forbid humanity progress! And the Third World? Victims? Is it possible the third world is third world because they’re just backward? Is it really some sort of oppression that keeps certain countries down, or is it stone age ideas and culture that keep these places in the dumps? Is it possible that these nations are so poor and downtrodden because of their elected or not-so-elected leaders and the actions of these men? I, for one, don’t feel guilty, and I don’t think the first world is nasty. Let’s live in a fantasy world and pretend the third world is free of any wrongdoing. Good luck.

I do have to wonder what’s so selfish about parents worrying about their missing child? They’re busy looking for a lost child, and they’re guilty of selfishness because they don’t notice the news on the tv in the background? Get off of it!

In the end, Cache is 1 hour and 58 minutes of slow and boring political fluff.


Proof: Amnesty International is an Anti-American, Anti-Israel Joke

You don’t get much clearer evidnece than this.

Amnesty International has a poll on their website. Here’s the text from their website:

Who’s got the worst human rights record?
Worst Human Rights Record
Vote for Darth Vader
Torture, enslavement of Wookiees, decimation of the Alderaanian civilization.
Vote for Hobgoblin
Attacks on Spiderman, gassing civilian populations, using innocents as human shields.
Vote for Dick Cheney
Torture, black sites, “disappearances,” kangaroo courts, indefinite detention, and more!

Sickening. This is all the proof you need of their insanity. Read their 2007 report to get more of the insanity. Yes- they have a backwards view of the world, and it’s downright frightening, but is anyone surprised by now? This is par for the course for this group.

Amnesty International hates the United States. The group also hates Israel. How else do you explain the obsession with attacking these two countries, trying to bolster the bogus claim that the US and Israel are the world’s biggest troublemakers somehow…that we’re somehow evil or close to evil…that Israel is somehow the bad guy in the issue with terrorist-loving “palestinians.”

Too bad people across the world take this group seriously. Too much of the world has the same backwards view of the world. Somehow seemingly sane people can opine that the US is somehow part of an axis of evil. Opinions from a world full of backwards fools. That’s all we need in this global age of muslim terrorism.


Republican Debate on Fox News

This stuff is actually sort of a joke…ten candidates on a stage is absurd. I was sort of torn on this- why allow only the top candidates? I feel the media is partly responsible for the top spots as it is…they push a few candidates all the time, no wonder they have the most support in current polls. All should get a chance to give their opinions and share their views. But, when you see them all together- you see this just doesn’t work.

A few thoughts- Giuliani…don’t much like him. The fact that he’s on his third marriage is upsetting to me personally. The fact that he’s pro-abortion is another aspect of his views I dislike a lot. I don’t think I can vote for a supporter of abortion. I also find his evasion of questions annoying. McCain and Romney are guilty of this as well. Sadly- the most open and honest candidates are those on the bottom of the polls. I’m sick of seeing a question asked and the top 3 guys dancing around with their answers.

Ron Paul- this guy is out of his mind. He doesn’t want us to lead the world basically…that’s the feeling I got from him. He wants an America that doesn’t intervene in international fights? Too bad our actions doing just that in WWII lead us to the spot as super power! I’d never support an anti-war “conservative.”

McCain- he just looks like a zombie to me. He’s constantly got this weird stare on his face- looks as if he’s staring at one spot or something. It’s a bit creepy. That and I forgot he voted against Bush’s tax cuts twice.

Tancredo has good ideas on immigration.

Personally- I think the best bet would be a Fred Thompson candidacy.

The top 3- McCain, Giuliani, and Romney are stepping over each other whining they wall want 30 seconds. Ugh…

I’m not very impressed at all. Out of this group- I’d vote for tough talking Tancredo.

UPDATE: I should mention I find Giuliani’s adoption blathering stupid when asked about abortion. He refuses to be clear and straight on his support for abortion, instead going on a tangent about how adoptions in NYC rose when he was mayor. I see that in the May 3 debate he claimed a 70% increase- I think tonight he said it was a 130% increase. It turns out, he’s full of it either way. FactCheck.Org has more info.

Note to Rudy- when asked about your support of killing soon-to-be-born babies…don’t go on and on about fictional adoption rates! ‘I support mothers killing babies, but hey- I’ll claim adoptions were up when I was mayor!’ Insulting.


New Terror Plot: Muslims Again (No Shocker There)

The terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix- all of the suspects arrested. Get this. They’re all muslims who daily praise mohammed- a mass murdering warrior.

is ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE shocked to hear this? Did anyone hear the news of a terror plot and actually wonder what religion these guys were a part of?

Does anyone not see the very disturbing pattern? Does anyone think that maybe when you follow a religion created by a mass murderer, this is the logical outcome? Does anyone want to deny that simple fact and come up with an explanation on how any person who praises a mass murderer could, in any way, claim to be peaceful or part of a religion of peace?

PS How many of these idiots are here illegally?


Obama Panders, Gets All ‘Facts’ Wrong

Barack, ‘I opposed the war from the start, because removing brutal despots is something I just don’t support’, Obama recently got his facts very wrong at a fundraising event (when you’re a fool whose only goal is to take millions of dollars from other wealthy fools, you sometimes go stupid)- he claimed that the tornado that hit Kansas killed 10, 000 people, and he parroted the bogus claim from Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius that the state only has 40% of its national guard equipment available to help with the disaster.

Here’s Barack’s comment:

“In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died—an entire town destroyed,”

Well- he was wrong on both counts. First, only 12 people died. VERY far off from his claim of 10, 000. Also- several reports from many sources have shown that the governor is just wrong- she’s a political hack using a bad situation to attack the president (what a shocker…I thought democrats were all about love, kindness, and compassion?), and that the state actually has 70% or more available. Remember- the town hit was a mere 1, 500 (which makes you wonder how on earth Obama came up with 10, 000- which is what? 7 or 8 times the entire city?)

So, Obama panders like an idiot, the Kansas governor abuses disaster victims to make political attacks. This is the current state of one of the Democratic frontrunners? This is how politicians act now?



Absurd Illegal Alien Defense: Don’t Break Families Apart

I often hear the following argument when discussing illegal immigrants:

We shouldn’t separate families…so, when an illegal alien has a child in the US- that child is automatically a US citizen. That kid won’t be deported, because they’re not illegal. The mother, however, can be deported, but illegal advocates argue the system is broken, because or current laws would break this family apart.

Now- this line of reasoning is just downright silly. If this your argument, you’re basically making a loud declaration to all future illegals- ‘all you have to do is come into our country and have a child…then you can claim you should stay because to deport you would mean we’re breaking up a family.’

No shocker that the illegal alien advocates who call for people to break the law don’t see the obvious insanity with their argument. Then again, I think they do, in fact, see the insanity, but because they’re advocates of breaking the law- they just don’t care.

People will continue to use this argument and many others…but, breaking the law is breaking the law. Unfortunately, even our president has refused to show an ounce of leadership in regards to this issue and is supporting an amnesty plan, which will do nothing but hurt all of us.


Dem Leader Reid Declares War Lost, Our Enemies Rejoice

No doubt our enemies rejoice when those who hate America (read 90% of the Democratic Party) declare the war in Iraq is lost.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader said just that….

The war in Iraq “is lost” and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Congress, Harry Reid, said Thursday.
“I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,” Reid said, on the same day US President George W. Bush was giving a speech at an Ohio town hall meeting defending the war on terror.

Let’s bring back the old days when leaders that make such declarations at a time of war would be held for treason.

What further proof do you need that the Democrats want, more than anything, for us to lose this war?