Bad Comic/Actor Richard Belzer Attacks the Troops

Richard Belzer is an idiot. Even Bill Maher, who is about as crazy as you can get (let’s not deny this fact folks) told him that he was crossing the line with his comments about the soldiers. While on Maher’s radical HBO show, Belzer complained and said the soldiers in Iraq aren’t scholars, he implied that most of them aren’t very bright.

Here’s the video of the segment and the transcript fron NewsBusters.

Belzer also made the bogus claim that the soldiers are in Iraq under “false pretenses”, then he went onto to cuss at the congresswomen who appeared with him on the show. The third guest, I’ve no idea who she was, seemed to have the sanity to stay out of the insanity. Common stuff to claim that the war was based on a lie…especially stupid to make such claim now that the Saddam documents are being released, further proving what we already knew- that there’s no evidence whatsoever to claim Bush or anyone in the administration lied about anything to do with Iraq.

Here is part of Belzer’s comments with the congresswoman:

Belzer: “You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They’re 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn’t get a job-”

Ros-Lehtinen: “Yeah, you know because you’ve been there and-”

Belzer: “What, I don’t fucking read!? Don’t do that!”

Maher, over Belzer: “Woe, woe, woe. Come on. Wait, wait, wait. That, don’t.”

Belzer: “Pardon my French.”

Maher: “That was over the line and now you’re going to lose-”

Belzer: “It’s this patronizing thing that people have about if you’re against the war everyone’s lumped together. You know, the soldiers are not scholars, they’re not war experts-”

Maher: “You’re going to lose even me like Michael Moore did when he came down on Charlton Heston in Columbine.”

Richard Belzer- comedian, actor, and military scholar. Genius. Guess who won’t be paying to see anything Belzer is in? These Hollywood idiots burn bridges everytime they get the chance. You have to ask the simple question- why?


Malkin on ABC’s “Editor’s Note”

Michelle Malkin, and others, are dicussing the “editor’s note” ABC News put on their webpage regarding one of the newly released Saddam docs that link him to bin Laden and his terror group…

The MSM is at it again…When Dan Rather uses a source who is a well-known Bush-hater, obsessed with attacking Bush, it’s fine and no “note” is needed. When the NY Times incorrectly identifies people in photos from abu gharib, there’s no note (not until their error is caught by ANOTHER news agency and they’re FORCED into retracting the information.)

I could go on, but we all know the MSM is fairly worthless anymore.


Hussein Documents Link Iraq to bin Laden, WMD, and More

It’s time for the Democrats who called the president a liar to apologize. A semi-full list of those I demand an apology from coming later…

Hussein documents show links to bin Laden, al qaeda, WMD, and more…(ABC NEWS)

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes asks “Who’ll Let the Docs Out?”


Alan Colmes Losing His Mind?

Okay…so far tonight on Hannity and Colmes- Alan Colmes has attacked Sean Allen, the 16 yr old who taped his insane high school teacher who said the US was the most violent nation on earth. He basically bullied the kid.

Next, he complained to Ann Coulter, supporting the fact that a former Taliban official was allowed into Yale, despite his terrorist-loving activities and the fact he only has a 4th grade education.

For some reason, I think that Colmes might be out of his mind. If these two segments, the first two of the show, are any indicator, he definitely HAS.


‘V’ is for Terrorist

I’ve already mentioned my disgust with the idea of this movie…now I see this review, it looks as tho it might be not only a terrorist as a hero film, but a Christian-bashing film as well. How sweet for the makers of one of the worst movie trilogies in history.

Anarchy in the U.K.

‘V for Vendetta’ tries talkin’ about a revolution.

By Jeff Giles

March 20, 2006 issue – V for Vendetta” will get its share of dismissive reviews—probably more than enough to convince hard-core fans that the movie was simply too smart and dangerous to be given safe passage. In point of fact, though, “Vendetta” is not good. The film may spark interesting debates—about the nature of terrorism and governments, about the inalienable right of artists to shock and provoke—but what we’re dealing with is a lackluster comic-book movie that thinks terrorist is a synonym for revolutionary.

It is 2020 and a totalitarian government rules England, its symbol a modified crucifix, its slogan “Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith.” By day, the loquacious masked man who calls himself V (Hugo Weaving) dwells in an underground lair filled with art he’s stolen back from government censors. By night, he cuts the throats of government baddies and plots to blow up Parliament, á la Guy Fawkes, both to foment revolution and to avenge whatever mysterious evil was done to him back before he skulked around like the Phantom of the Opera.

“Vendetta” is based on an ’80s-era graphic novel rife with outrage over Margaret Thatcher’s England. But, as adapted by the Wachowski brothers and directed by their protégé James McTeigue, the movie plays like a clumsy assault on post-9/11 paranoia. It references “America’s war,” uses imagery direct from Abu Ghraib and contains dialogue likely to offend anyone who’s not, say, a suicide bomber. Buildings are symbols, V tells a haunted young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman), after saving her from some vile, rampaging cops: “Blowing up a building can change the world.” The filmmakers have insisted that V is not intended to be a hero. Which is bollocks. The movie grants him absolute moral superiority from beginning to end. Sure, Evey tells him he’s a monster—and then tries to make out with his mask. In a movie, when the pretty girl falls in love with you and stays in love with you, you’re a hero.

These may seem like airy objections to something principally meant to entertain, so it’s only fair to note that “V for Vendetta” fails on that score, too. The movie looks scarily lovely in the comic-book-noir style that’s now a given. But the screenplay is full of clichéd caricatures of power-hungry Christians and government-controlled TV anchors, as well as being extremely talky. (The Wachowskis’ presence is felt not just in the movie’s imagery—in the slow-mo shot of raindrops and in the vapor trails that follow V’s ching-chinging knives—but in the endless scenes in which people sit around explaining stuff.) Curiously, “Vendetta” is least rousing at the climax, when the people of London seem poised to join V in an orgy of violence. Never mind what it makes on opening weekend, someone should have thrown himself on this bomb.


Liberal Loons (Colmes and Gross) Gang Up on High School Kid

Sean Allen on Hannity and Colmes
Download video (2 MB WMV file)

Check out the video of Sean Allen from Hannity and Colmes tonight. The comments go along with the content of the interview.

Alan Colmes and Michael Gross disgust me for even defending Jay Bennish…and they make it even worse when they gang up to attack Sean Allen, who is how old? 14? 15? I wonder if they better about themselves- especially Gross, who decided he had some God-given right to “lecture” Sean Allen, and whine and bitch that he taped the class.

In Gross’ mind- a teacher should be able to spout of nonsense to his freshmen high school kids that the USA is the most violent nation on earth, and that maybe we deserved 9/11 (he said something about the WTC and Pentagon maybe being considered military targets), etc…yet he has the audacity to attack a kid who taped the teacher ranting like a loon about all of this!

The two of them wanted to paint Allen as a snitch who is merely out to get this poor poor innocent teacher whose done nothing wrong- Colmes made that clear when he tried to imply that Allen never taped the whole class and Colmes made the absurd claim that the kid shopped the tape around to a conservative media outlet. Hannity and Colmes covered the story last night and the night before- does this make Colmes a conservative media figure since he’s actually talked to the kid the past two days?

This was absurd behavior- not surprising from both, especially not Gross, who I have seen many times on the show, and the guy is just out of friggin mind (I say that with the utmost seriousness.) Congrats to Sean Allen for not allowing the moonbats to intimidate him.


Glenn Beck Insider Freak Cam

Just wanted to share the view of the Freak Cam from Glenn Beck’s Insider service.

Glenn Beck Freak Cam

$6.95 a month for mp3 downloads of the show, live webcam feed of the show (with the show audio, of course), a 30 day streaming webcam archive, as well as the 30 day audio streaming archive (the streaming audio has the music and breaks in it- the music isn’t allowed in the downloads due to copyright issues). You also get access to the forums, classic audio bits, and much more.

I sound like a commercial for the Glenn Beck Program, I know…but I just think it’s a great deal, that’s all. I’m enjoying it so far, tho I have yet to listen to any of the “after show shows.” Need to check it out soon just to see what it’s like.

Bill O’Reilly has a lot of inside content for his subscribers as well- I think his service is $6.95 as well, but I can’t say for sure.


Yale University and the Terrorist Student

Yale University is a shameful school.

They allow a Taliban leader with a 4th grade education to attend the school (yet, I, as an American citizen who has never violated the law, nor have I ever been part of a terrorist regime cannot get into the school). Two Yale graduates have a new plan to send fake fingernails to Yale- why, you ask? Well, the Taliban used to pull the fingernails off of women who had the audacity to wear fingernail polish. This man has never apologized for his work with that regime, or the terror that regime brought upon the people of that nation, especially women who were treated like animals, as they usually are in muslim nations (the religion of peace ADORES women, don’t ya know?)

You can send fake fingernails to Yale at the address below. I might go get a couple boxes of press-on nails and a mailing envelope myself.

P.O. BOX 2038
NEW HAVEN, CT 06521-2038


One More Reason Why the UN is Worthless

The UN is a worthless organization. You can deny it, but it doesn’t change the fact. Get together a group of nations- most of which are run by brutal thugs or even sometimes outright murderers with democratically elected men and women with civil societies that live in relative peace and you have what? A bunch of disagreement, very little being done, major scandals, obscenely ridiculous debacles and worse.

Here’s just one more reason why the UN is completely worthless:

from Newsmax.com:
U.N. Report Card: Handful of Nations, Including Israel, Stand with U.S.

Exclusive from NewsMax:

The exclusive NewsMax annual feature “United Nations Report Card” reveals that when it comes to supporting the U.S. on key issues, almost every nation in the world body gets a failing grade.

NewsMax examined 12 key General Assembly votes taken on issues of critical importance to the U.S., and found that only four countries – Israel and the Pacific Ocean nations of Palau, Micronesia and Marshall Islands sided with the U.S. on most of the issues.

The rest of the U.N. members voted against the U.S. position the vast majority of the time, and dozens of countries voted along with America ZERO PERCENT of the time.

These nations include some of the biggest recipients of U.S. foreign aid, which in some cases amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. [Editor's Note: Get our special UN Report Card report with our cover story on Maria Shriver FREE -- Go Here Now.]

Here’s a run down of America’s most ungrateful friends:

Turkey receives $1.007 Billion a year from the U.S., not including military assistance. Number of times Turkey voted along with the U.S. on the 12 key issues: 0 Percent.

Ethiopia receives $594 million. Number of times it voted along with the U.S.: 0 percent.

Colombia receives $524 million, Egypt gets $460 million, Jordan pockets $224 million and Peru receives $229 million. Number of times these nations voted along with the U.S.: 0 percent.

Even some of America’s closest allies voted against U.S. interests. France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea, for example, all sided with the U.S. on just 8 percent of the votes.

The issues voted on included a resolution calling for the U.S. – which shoulders 22 percent of the total U.N. budget – to lift its embargo against communist Cuba, another seeking the immediate withdrawal of Israel from Palestinian territory, and a treaty that would ultimately call for the U.S. to dismantle its nuclear arsenal.

NewsMax Magazine will chronicle the General Assembly votes each year, exposing the “most ungrateful” nations – countries that take Americans’ tax dollars, then oppose the U.S. when voting on key issues.

The blockbuster NewsMax report also features a look at “The U.N.’s Great Follies,” including:

The U.N. voted to remove its forces from Rwanda in the early days of tribal conflicts there. Result: More than 900,000 Tutsis were slaughtered in April 1994.

The Iraqi people were defrauded of at least $1.8 billion in revenue from the oil-for-food program designed to alleviate civilian suffering resulting from sanctions against the Saddam Hussein regime. Alleged wrongdoers included the U.N. secretariat.

Sudan won re-election to the U.S. Commission on Human Rights in 2004 despite potentially genocidal atrocities in the Darfur region.

U.N. peacekeepers in the Congo allegedly used food and money to pay for sex with girls as young as 12.
The eye-opening “United Nations Report Card” appears in the March issue of NewsMax Magazine. [Editor's Note: Get our special UN Report Card report with our cover story on Maria Shriver FREEE -- Go Here Now.]


Matt Lauer is a Scumbag

Matt Lauer should be ashamed himself. The liberal host of the Today show talked to the insane high school teacher from Colorado, Jay Bennish (who compared Bush to Hitler in his freshman GEOGRAPHY class), and during the interview he basically attacked the kid who taped the class that has caused all the trouble for this teacher.

This is what Lauer, who disgusts me for this comment, says:

The family here. The studet’s family didnt go to the school board with this tape. They basically shopped it around to cons media outlets and when they finally released it to one it created an uproar…and on the tape, you can hear Sean Allen asking questions that seem to be egging you on a little bit, do you feel you were set up?

There is NO evidence that this kid or his family ever had an agenda. There’s also NO evidence, that I know of, that he or his family “shopped” the tape around to “conservative media outlets.”

To put Bennish’s lecture into perspective, here is part of what he had to say in that class that day:

Who is probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth?!

Unidentified brainwashed student interjects: We are.

The United States of America! And we’re a democracy. Quote-unquote.

Who has the most weapons of mass destruction in the world? The United States.

Who’s continuing to develop new weapons of mass destruction as we speak?!
The United States.

So, why does Mr. Bush think that other countries that are democracies won’t wanna be like us? Why does he think they’ll just wanna be at peace with each other?! What makes him think that when the Palestinians get their own state that they won’t wanna preemptively invade Israel to eliminate a potential threat to their security just like we supposedly did in Iraq?! Do you see the dangerous precedent that we have set by illegally invading another country and violating their sovereignty in the name of protecting us against a potential future–sorry–attack? [Unintelligible.]
transcript from MichelleMalkin.com

As for Sean Allen’s (the kid who taped the class) questions, Matt is out of his mind to say that the student “seem[ed] to be egging” the teacher on!

From the tape, this is what Allen asked:

We told–Condoleezza Rice said–that now that Hamas got elected to lead the Palestianians that they have to renounce their desire to eliminate Israel. And then Condoleezza Rice also went on to say that you can’t be for peace and support armed struggle at the same time. You can’t do that. Either you’re for peace or war. But you can’t be for both.

What is the problem with her saying this? That’s the same thing we say. That is exactly the same thing this current administration says. We’re gonna make the world safe by invading and killing and making war. So, if we can be for peace and for war, well, why can’t the Palestinians be for peace and for war?!


*Student Sean Allen, who is taping Bennish’s rant, speaks up:*

Allen: Isn’t there a difference of, of, having Hamas being like, we wanna attack Israelis because they’re Israelis, and having us say we want to attack people who are known terrorists? Isn’t there a difference between saying we’re going to attack innocents and we’re going to attack people who are not innocent?


Bennish: I think that’s a good point. But you have to remember who’s doing the defining of a terrorist. And what is a terrorist?

Allen: Well, when people attack us on our own soil and are actually attempting to take American lives and want to take American lives, whereas, Israelies in this situation, aren’t saying we want to blow up Palestine…

Bennish: How did Israel and the modern Israeli state even come into existence in the first place?

Allen: We gave it to them.

Bennish: Sort of. Why? After the Israel-Zionist movement conducted what? Terrorist acts. They assassinated the British prime minster in Palestine. They blew up buildings. They stole military equipment. Assassinated hundreds of people. Car bombings, you name it. That’s how the modern state of Israel was made. Was through violence and terrorism. Eventually we did allow them to have the land. Why? Not because we really care, but because we wanted a strategic ally. We saw a way to us to get a hook into the Middle East.

If we create a modern nation of Israel, then, and we make them dependent on us for military aid and financial aid, then we can control a part of the Middle East. We will have a country in the Middle East that will be indebted to us.

Allen: But is it ok to say it’s just to attack Israel? If it’s ok to attack known terrorists, it’s ok to attack Israel?

Bennish: If you were Palestinians, who are the real terrorists? The Israelis, who fire missiles that they purchased from the United States government into Palestinian neighborhoods and refugees and maybe kill a terrorist, but also kill innocent women and children. And when you shoot a missile into Pakistan to quote-unquote kill a known terrorist, and we just killed 75 people that have nothing to do with al Qaeda, as far as they’re concerned, we’re the terrorists. We’ve attacked them on their soil with the intention of killing their innocent people.


Allen: But we did not have the intention of killing innocent people. We had the intention of killing an al Qaeda terrorist.

Bennish: Do you know that?

Allen: So, you’re saying the United States has intentions to kill innocent people?

Bennish: I don’t know the answer to that question.

Allen: But what gain do we get from killing innocent people in the Middle East? What gain does that pose to us?

Bennish: Let me ask you this. During the 1980s, Iran and Iraq were involved in an 8-year-long war. The United States sold missiles, tanks, guns, planes, to which side?

Unidentified student: Iraq?

Bennish: Both. The answer is both. Why would we send armaments to two sides that are fighting each other. That seems to be self-defeating. Don’t we want one side to win? Not always! Sometimes you just want there to be conflict!
transcript from MichelleMalkin.com

How on earth is that egging him on? The teacher CLEARLY said that the U.S. is the most violent nation in the world, that Bush’s speech sounded like the words of Hitler, and that maybe WE were the terrorists in regards to the war in Iraq. He also directly implied the United State is actively targetting civilians in Iraq, tho there’s no evidence to boost this claim at all. Sean Allen was simply confronting nonsensical and radical statements from a young, peace hippy, liberal teacher who wants to indoctrinate his students.

Matt Lauer should be ashamed of himself…only a fool would take this guy seriously.