PBS Worried Over “Objectivity and Balance”?

Public Broadcasting has been left-leaning in its news and analysis for quite some time- especially in radio (NPR is notoriously liberal)…why PBS is worried over the CPB’s proposed rules is confusing.

In this article from the Washington Post, the most troubling part comes from the PBS General Counsel:

In negotiations with PBS earlier this year, the corporation also insisted, for the first time, on tying new funding to an agreement that would commit the network to strict “objectivity and balance” in each of its programs — an idea that PBS’s general counsel described in an internal memo as amounting to “government encroachment on and supervision of program content, potentially in violation of the First Amendment.”

So, if I understand correctly PBS is worried that a rule that demands “objectivity and balance” is a violation of the First Amendment? Isn’t “objectivity and balance” merely a good idea and good journalistic practice? I’m not sure why the general counsel would say this…it makes the organization look as tho they don’t WANT objectivity and would like to promote a bias one way or another.

As a taxpayer funded venture (yes, PBS gets funds from private trusts, charities, and viewers, but the fact remains- PBS could not survive in commercial televison, the quality just isn’t there), objectivity overall is a fair demand. The CPB, as a government entity also would be right in suggesting, and even demanding such a standard…I see nothing wrong with any of this.


Michelle Malkin Sits in for Sean Hannity

The beautiful, Michelle Malkin, is sitting in for Sean Hannity on tonight’s Hannity & Colmes. It airs right now (8pm ct), and it reairs at 1AM CT.

This was the best picture I could do (by snapping a digital photo of the TV, as I’m sure is obvious by the lamp you can see in the reflection)…don’t have a tuner card in this particular PC.

I will be recording the entire show airing at 1AM and putting it onto DVD. I have lots of clips of Michelle on various Fox shows on VHS, but there scattered over about 150 tapes, so no telling where all of them are at.


Edgemont and TV Around the Globe

I swear I am amazed by the sheer number of television stations out there globally. There have to be tens of thousands of different channels across the globe…99% of them I will never hear of, let alone see any of the programming. This is sort of on the subject of my search to find episodes of the Canadian teen series, EDGEMONT. The first season of that show aired in the US on Fox Family Channel. But that was before ABC bought the channel and it become ABC Family Channel (and went downhill in my opinion), I remember watching The Zack Files (which now airs on Showtime Family Zone thankfully) Edgemont (which airs on CBC in Canada), and other series from outside of the US…The Fearing Mind pops into my head when thinking of unique series that didn’t originate from the US (at least I don’t think that series was produced here). They also aired the show, SCLUB 7, which was a BBC-1 series, I believe.

Back to the main point in a minute, but speaking of shows I can’t get ahold of. I was at work (at a PBS station) a few weekends ago, and on one of the networks I caught an episode of the BBC-3 series SPY, a reality show of sorts where they taught a group of men and women how to be spies and they gave them missions and cover stories, living arrangements, etc to pull them off. It was interesting, but unfortunately I doubt if you can get BBC3 in the US without a C-band dish, and even then, I’m not sure if you could pick it up at all.

Back to Edgemont…So I did a bit of research and it turns out that WAM!, the teen network run by Starz acquired the 57 episodes of the series (that have run so far, a 5th season begins in April in Canada), and they will start airing the series in June. I will definitely be recording these episodes onto DVD.

This also reminds me of a series that used to air on TRIO (a network I don’t get the current cable company, but used to pick it up when I had Direct TV) called Madison, I believe it was. I think it was a Canadian show as well about a high school, sort of like Degrassi (the original, not the sexually-obsessed series running now) but not as good. I always wished I had been in high school in the mid 80′s for some reason, do not ask me why…

While looking up TV information on various networks around the world, I saw this Australian package from News Corp called Foxtel. Interesting.

I would so love to own a media company that ran various broadcast and cable networks around the globe. Biggest dream ever, along with making films on the side.

Jessica LucasFinally…in regards to Edgemont. Jessica Lucas is on that show, and she’s the cutest ever. She’s also on the series, 2030 CE (which I don’t care for), and is some ABC series that I never watched, and I can’t remember the name of. The show with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter…

You can find a video of her (a min or so into the preview) here.
Jessica LucasJessica Lucas


Michelle Malkin Fills in on Fox News

Michlle Malkin on Fox News
Michelle Malkin (marry me!) filled in as host for John Kasich on the Fox News show Heartland tonight…she did a great job, and I had no choice but to record the show to DVD. I’d love to see Michelle with her own show. After getting used to that sort of thing, she’d be perfect (not saying she wasn’t totally awesome tonight on Fox!) I guess I will have to settle for her website for now. Until she decides she wants to grace Fox News or any other channel with her permanent presence.


Doug E. Doug (Cosby)

I mentioned before that I noticed the series, Cosby airing late nights on TBS, and I watched part of one episode and I liked it a lot. So, I started recording the episodes so I could put them onto DVD. I had 7 episodes on the DVR, and last night I watched 5 of them. And, I figured out that I like the show mainly because of Doug E. Doug who is super charismatic, and in this particular program, he’s just totally funny.

I take it that his character was sort of rasied by Cosby’s character, tho I’m not totally sure. One of the episodes tonight (The Perfect Valentine) showed Doug’s character, Griffin, meeting up with his dad after the man spent 15 years in prison (I think that was the deal?) He mentioned that the only father he’s ever know was Hilton which is Cosby’s character.

Anyhow, Doug is really great in this show- the only other thing I can remember him being in was that movie, Cool Runnings, and it’s nice to see him in this series, even it is from a number of years ago and only lasted 4 seasons.

Cosby is funny in general, but a lot of his jokes in the show fall totally flat for me (laugh tracks in general annoy me to death, and I noticed in the show there is a laugh for EVERYTHING he says, which gets on my nerves a little), but I really think Doug is the one who carries the show in the end.


Lance Krall Show (Starts April 18 on Spike)

Lance Krall

Any of you who saw Joe Schmo (greatest faux reality show ever) will recognize Lance Krall, who played Kip “the gay guy.” He was hilarious in the show, and he now has his own show, The Lance Krall Show, premiering April 18 on Spike TV. The Spike website has a few clips from the show, which you should check out.

Krall has great comedic timing, and he’s totally charismatic- two things that give his new show a lot of promise in my eyes.


Invasion Iowa: The Finale, and Cosby

I watched the Invasion Iowa finale tonight…like Joe Schmo, the producers did a great job of bringing out a lot of raw emotion from the cast and the great people of Riverside, Iowa. Also liek Joe Schmo, the finale had me in tears- even in a short period, you feel you sort of get to know all of these people just like the cast did, and you have fond feelings for them as well. When you see the cast crying and talking about how touched they’ve been by the “townspeople,” and you see the people from the town talking about how great the cast was and how they loved all of them, it’s just too much. I couldn’t help but tear up. Scotty Riggans- man, I’d go to Riverside, Iowa just to meet that guy, funny as all heck during this 4 part series, a solid man’s man, just a great guy in general. Jim Pinkerton with his neverending product placements and advertisements (just for men… has over 1, 300 blah blah blah), Rath or however you spell that old guy’s name with the raccoon penis for good luck. Heck, I feel like I know a number of people from town, and I’ve never been anywhere near Iowa. I always think when a program can make you feel this stuff, it’s got to be good. And Invasion Iowa, overall, was very good. I even got to like Shatner so much, I put one of his books and one of his cd’s on my wishlist.

So, like I said, I was all sitting there tearing up, with a big smile on my face as they were handing out gifts that were very much personalized for the various people in town (Shatner gave what I assume was money to one woman, in order to help her adopt her grandson, Scotty got his trip to Hawaii, Brooke got money to be able to have her horse with her in the area, Jim got his trip to Paris, and so on…) Television is at its best when it makes you feel real emotions for real people. What more can I say?

Anyhow…so I always record the interstitial programming on TBS. They often times run short on time with movies they air overnight, so instead of filling it all with a ton of promos and ads, they run this thing called Blotter TV. It’s a faux cops sort of thing with a force of bumbling police officers in, what I would assume is a fictional town, called Gordieville, which I believe is in Georgia. It’s fairly funny most of the time- not ever hilarious, but it’s cute and the characters are fun to watch. It’s been running for some time, but I wanted to get them all now so I could put them on DVD since I have the DVD recorder and all. I have a bunch of them, and hope I can get them all…they sometimes air the same ones a few nights in a row, depending on how much time they need to fill. Long story just to explain that I have started recording COSBY, which is that show that aired from 1996-2000 on CBS. I never watched it before, but I watched a bit of it last night, because it airs right after this Blotter thing and the DVR recorded part of the episode as well. So, I caught it in time and recorded the entire episode and have it set to record the entire series. It looks funny from what I’ve seen. Makes me wonder if the Cosby created Nick at Nite series, Fatherhood is getting more episodes or not. I need to check on that.

They didn’t have sonic bug repellers at wal mart, which was a surprise, so I had to by this bug/spider/ant spray that I hope works. I saw a big spider yesterday morning, and I wasn’t too happy about that. Gross. I will still buy one (or maybe 2) of those sonic repellers, even if I have to order them from While I was at wal mart, I felt veerrrrry nervous. Sucked. There were tons of people there, and I guess, in the end, I wouldn’t usually be able to do that…not a couple of years ago, I would have waited till 2 or 3 am no matter what, but it was 10 30 when I went, so, that’s a step up I guess. Didn’t much feel like it at the time tho, not even much so right now…

Did I mention I got Shaun of the Dead off ebay for 12 bucks total, and I am hoping to get the Wayans Bros season 1 dvd set for under $10 tomorrow? I checked for the Wayans Bros dvd set at wal mart when I went tonight, but they didn’t have it.

It’s 4:40, so I guess I’m going to sleep now. Will fall asleep to Robo-Babies, I guess…


Invasion Iowa

Spike TV’s new faux reality series, Invasion Iowa, started last night. It’s a 4 part series starring William Shatner…where Shatner goes to the town of Riverside, Iowa to film a movie that he’s not really making. It’s sort of like the AMC original series a few months ago, Filmfakers- which was actually a bit more funny than Invasion Iowa is so far. I watched the first part a bit ago, and it’s okay, but it wasn’t really funny at all. Shatner is engaging, and it’s enjoyable just to watch him interact with the people of this small town. It’s from the same people who made the hilarious series, Joe Schmo. Schmo was actually funny, but to be fair- it was much easier to make Schmo funny, as opposed to Invasion. The nature of this series and a faux movie being filmed- it’s just not as easy to make big laughs with this I don’t think.

Like I said tho, I think AMC did a much better job with this faux filmmaking thing with their show, Filmfakers- the cast was much more entertaining and funny- the cast of this show was barely seen in part 1, maybe that’ll change in the other 3 shows. I’ll watch all 4 shows, but this could have been much better.

I am off to sleep for a bit while watching the Party Gong episode of O’Grady. I sort of want to go see Robots at the Imax theatre, but I doubt I’ll be doing that today. I DID go and get one of those enormous omelet sandwiches from Burger King yesterday, and it was okay- it’s not much of an omelet tho, considering when I think of an omelet, I think of stuff inside and egg, not just a sandwich that includes an egg. It was okay either way. Had to just mention that exciting news…



The new season of O’Grady premieres this Friday on The N. Great little animated series from the company that brought us Home Movies, Dr. Katz and other animated classics.

Hilarious serioues starring the best voiceover actor on earth, H. Jon Benjamin (hello, he did the voice for Ben Katz, need I say more?) Also, comedian Patrice O’Neil (spelling?) does the voice of Harold (my favorite character). It’s all about the kids at O’Grady high and “the weirdness” that plagues the town. The newest episode is called Robo-Babies…no idea how the weirdness will effect the little babies, but we’ll see soon…
Robo BabiesRobo BabiesRobo BabiesRobo BabiesRobo Babies