Monica Conyers As Stupid as Her Husband

What idiots in Detroit voted this fool into office? Probably the same type of dolts that keep voting her insane husband into office…
Conyers Answers to Her Conduct


Disturbing Exit Poll Numbers Based on Race

In North Carolina, according to what Fox News is report- blacks voted for Obama 91% to 6% for Clinton. In Indiana, blacks voted 92% for Obama.

I don’t know…I find these numbers troubling. If they were reversed, I think a lot of people would be upset. It just seems divisive to me. It seems that the only explanation is that black voters in NC and IN are voting for Obama based on their shared skin tone and maybe no other reason (tho, the odd thing being that Barack is half white and half black). That, in my book, is a problem. If Barack was white, would he be getting such high numbers from blacks in these primaries?

I see no way on earth that Barack would be doing as well in these two particular contests if not for the black vote swinging his way in downright ridiculous margins. Is that a problem? Is racially-based voting a bad thing? I’d argue there are many reasons to find it disturbing. It’s great to wish for a black president and all of that stuff, but it’s another thing to vote for a candidate simply because he’s black (or seen as black, as the case may be- in the end, what is “black”? what is “white”?). I just think it is, in general, a bad idea to vote for a candidate for reasons of skin tone…Did previous black candidates receive these large margins from black Americans?

What’s your opinion? Is such a large margin a good or bad thing?

DRUDGEREPORT is reporting that Gary, Indiana might suddenly flip this late vote and give it to Obama
Drudge links here- http://nwitimes.com/blogs/election/?p=47

Gary (Lake county) is right near Chicago, and there’s a large black population…it might be that it’s near Chicago which is Obama’s hometown (current home), but the racial issue has to play a part, no doubt. Right?

UPDATE: I looked into numbers from past elections. Jesse Jackson, according to the info. I found- won 11 states in the 1988 Democratic primary. That’s amazing considering most Americans, I think we can safely say, would argue that Jackson has done nothing significant in terms of public service and has, in my eyes and the eyes of many Americans, a race-baiting hustler who has made tens of millions on the backs of those he demands become permanent victims of all sorts of imagined sleights against them. If Jackson can win 11 states and 94% of the black vote in some of these contests, doesn’t that say pretty all we need to know? Won’t a large chunk of black Americans vote for any candidate with a high enough level of melanin as to where we see that person as “black” no matter what that person’s record is?


Howard Dean: Dishonest, Pathetic Pondscum

Chris Wallace did a good job of thrashing Howard Dean today on Fox News Sunday over the DNC’s dishonest attack ads against Senator McCain. Dean, being the lying scumbag he is replied with even more lies, stuttering, stammering his ways through his scripted BS reply. Wallace kept on him tho, making sure the Fox viewers knew the truth- that Howard Dean is a lying whimpering fool and his attack ads against McCain are wholly inaccurate.

Stay classy Democrats. Seriously…you’d have to be literally insane to support this man as chairman. What dishonest scumbag tactics he’s using, then when called on it he lies again, refuses to back what his ads said, then claims FactCheck.org is somehow not truthful! Amazing.

This guy is truly a sad human being. What goes around comes around is all I can say.

OTHERS: See FactCheck.org take apart the dishonest ads against McCain

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Barack Obama Speech as Portrayed by Eddie Murphy

Barack Obama Speech as Portrayed by Eddie Murphy

The Distinguished Gentleman is a fantastic movie…probably my favorite Eddy Murphy movie ever. It does sound a lot like Barack.

Below, you will see a video of Barack along with other candidates saying the very same thing he’s saying. Really well put togther video that shows how easy people are fooled (or bamboozled, as it were).

Barack isn’t like all the other politicians…except that he’s worse. He repeats the same tired lines given to him by his strategists AND spends decades sitting in a racist anti-American church while pretending his character is superior to all.


Frank Rich Off His Meds Again, Attacks McCain – Claims GOP Racist

Frank Rich. The not-so-loveable nutjob liberal at the NY Times is at it again. He’s claiming a double standard on the whole Rev Wright issue…why? Well McCain was endored by Pastor John Hagee. McCain never attended Hagee’s church, he wasn’t married by Hagee, and he had no children baptised by Hagee. He never had Hagee on his campaign staff, and he’s never claim Hagee as a mentor or advisor in any capacity.

Rich tries to rebuff that argument by saying that the McCain campaign actively went out to get Hagee’s endorsement. I don’t know if that’s true, and knowing Rich’s track record with the truth and his outright hatred of anything right of far left, I have a hard time believeing it. Either way- apples and oranges, even if Rich wants to claim it’s not.

The worst part? Rich turns the Wright thing into a racial issue, claiming that white candidates are given special treatment over black candidates. He writes that if we’re to judge black preachers and the associations with black candidates, we should do the same with white candidates and preachers. Okay? There is absolutely NO comparison here.

McCain may have spent a half hour with Hagee- and he never endorsed any controversial statements. He never defended any statements made by Hagee, and he never approved of Hagee’s belief in the sense that he sat in his church for 20 years week after week with no problem. Obama, on the other hand, did ALL of these things and more. He initially defended Wright, until the political pressure became too great and he had no choice but to distance himself from the man. Even after knowing the terrible things Wright said, Obama proclaimed he could no more disown the man than he could his white grandmother or black Americans as a whole!

Rich’s arguments then turn downright insane:

There is not just a double standard for black and white politicians at play in too much of the news media and political establishment, but there is also a glaring double standard for our political parties. The Clintons and Mr. Obama are always held accountable for their racial stands, as they should be, but the elephant in the room of our politics is rarely acknowledged: In the 21st century, the so-called party of Lincoln does not have a single African-American among its collective 247 senators and representatives in Washington. Yes, there are appointees like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice, but, as we learned during the Mark Foley scandal, even gay men may hold more G.O.P. positions of power than blacks.

A near half-century after the civil rights acts of the 1960s, this is quite an achievement. Yet the holier-than-thou politicians and pundits on the right passing shrill moral judgment over every Democratic racial skirmish are almost never asked to confront or even acknowledge the racial dysfunction in their own house. In our mainstream political culture, this de facto apartheid is simply accepted as an intractable given, unworthy of notice, and just too embarrassing to mention aloud in polite Beltway company. Those who dare are instantly accused of “political correctness” or “reverse racism.”

An all-white Congressional delegation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the legacy of race cards that have been dealt since the birth of the Southern strategy in the Nixon era. No one knows this better than Mr. McCain, whose own adopted daughter of color was the subject of a vicious smear in his party’s South Carolina primary of 2000.

The Republicans are guilty of de facto apartheid?!?! Frank, buddy, seriously? Are you off your meds again? There are no black senators? Why is this Frank? Is it GOP racism? Is it apartheid from this dastardly Republicans? Or is it maybe what Clarence Thomas once said about blacks and the Democratic party:

But I know that the vote of 9 out of 10 black Americans for the Democratic Party or for leftist kinds of policies just is not reflective of their opinions.

It’s common knowledge that blacks have become wed to the Democratic party, and often times at their peril. Is it the strategy of the GOP to keep blacks out somehow, as Rich implies…or are blacks, as Thomas seems to think- voting for Democrats because they wrongly feel that’s the party that has their interest at heart? Rich calls McCains trips to the 9th ward in New Orleans “about the self-interested politics of distancing himself from Mr. Bush than the recalibration of policy”. Funny- he doesn’t seem to think that Obama’s initial defense and subsequent attacks on his pastor of 20 years wasn’t self-interested politics. Odd, that double standard that Rich claims in this lame article.

He ends by bringing up hispanics and saying that it’s understandable that they’re not clinging to the Republican party- another fact that most surely has less to do with their self interests and more with the media climate that can often portray one side as good for a particular group and the other as a bad idea for that particular subset of the populace.

And of course- it’s all hypocrisy for Rich. Sitting in the pew for 20 years, embracing the man as your spiritual mentor, and all the rest…that’s somehow equal to McCain being endorsed by a man he probably doesn’t even know. And to top it all of- Obama has received kid glove coverage from the media thus far. After his speech on Wright the other day, many in the media proclaimed, despite his sudden flip-flop (first defending Wright then attacking him), wasn’t self-interested political gesturing, but rather a closure on the subject, a brilliant coup de grace on the part of Obama…ending the Wright matter altogether. Off limits from this point on, some demanded.

Nonsense. The issue is still there, as it should be. He still hasn’t answered as to how he supposedly never heard any of the crazy stuff from a man he spent 20 years with, or how Wright’s core values of racism and anti-Americanism somehow mysteriously went unnoticed to the Obamas for two whole decades.

Rich has an agenda to keep. Far left politics from top to bottom…common sense and logical comparisons be damned.


Columbia Journalism Review’s Dishonest Claim on McCain / Parsley

Amazing. I wonder if these people just write whatever fantasies they invent in their heads, or if they’re clueless and actually believe the bile they spew.

Zachary Roth writes for Columbia Journalism Review with the headline: “Rod Parsley’s Free Pass
Jeremiah Wright gets torched, while McCain’s “spiritual adviser” offends with impunity”. Now, maybe he didn’t write the headline- that sort of thing happens all the time in print, no idea what the situation is here though.

No matter- whoever wrote the headline was dishonest. Notice it says McCain’s “spiritual adviser”, yet if you read the article, you will only see “spiritual adviser” used once- it’s the term that OBAMA used in regards to his relationship with his racist, anti-American Rev Wright. NOWHERE else in the article does the term “spiritual adviser” exist. So, whoever wrote the headline is either 1) blind or 2) a dishonest fool.

The point of the article is to claim that McCain has been given a pass on his relationship with Rod Parsley, a pastor of a megachurch in Ohio. One major problem though- McCain is not a member of Parsley’s church and has never met the man until 3 weeks ago. He called Parsley a “spritiual guide” to many people, but never claimed he was a guide to McCain himself in any manner. Obama, remember, chose the church and attended for over 20 years under Wright…Wright baptised his children and married Barack and Michelle. He sat in the pews week after week listening to a man whose core values are racist, hateful, and anti-American.

This is a lame-brained attempt at equating McCain meeting a man for 20 mins and Barack being spiritual guided by a man for 20 years. Yes, this argument is just plain stupid and doesn’t even come close to matching reality.

In the aricle, he says:

Parsley has his own history of controversial statements. As David Corn reported this week for Mother Jones, Parsley has called for Christians to wage war against the “false religion” of Islam, in order to destroy it. He does not distinguish between Islamic extremists and ordinary Muslims. “What some call ‘extremists’ are instead mainstream believers who are drawing from the well at the very heart of Islam,” he has written.

And it’s not just Muslims he’s got it in for. Last year, Parsley’s organization called for people who commit adultery to be prosecuted, and in January he compared Planned Parenthood to the Nazis.

This itself is just odd. I’m really not even sure why he’s trying to paint McCain is some sort of extremist based on these two items. They’re, in all truthfulness, not all that radical for most Americans, and surely not for most conservative Christians (which Parsley is).

1) Most Christians believe that islam is a false religion. ANYTHING outside of Christianity is a false religion (thus, an evil practice). This isn’t extremism, this is Jesus Christ himself speaking. It’s the most important commandment in the OT- to have no other Gods before the true God. God, in the OT and NT destroys people for worshipping false Gods and makes it clear that he will not tolerate such practices in general. How is this extremist?? Parsley wants to destroy islam? islam was founded by a mass murderer- I’m sorry, but let’s stop using kid gloves when we speak of the religion. It would be the goal of most conservative Christians to wage a mental battle against false religions. That’s what the Bible teaches!

2) Parsley compared Planned Parenthood to the nazis. And? This is common thought among many conservatives. How many people did the nazis kill? How many babies have Planned Parenthood killed? Do the math folks, the nazis have lower figures. Isn’t that enough for an equivocation, if you believe that an aborted baby is a life taken? I’m not sure how that’s so radical or extreme.

Seems like a lot of grasping at straws to try to make McCain look bad and make Obama look not so far out there. No matter, the headline/article combination is dishonest overall, and even if this preacher was a nutcase, there’s no comparison. 20 mins and 20 years- apples and oranges.


Howard Dean Still Lying about New DNC McCain Attack Ad

The RNC has demanded stations stop running the new DNC ad that distorts what John McCain truly said in regards to how long we could possibly be in Iraq. The DNC as is a complete distortion of what McCain said- there goal was to twist what he said, lying in the process, to make him look bad. I posted about this the other day and thouroughly ripped the ad apart.

Howard Dean, though, when asked about the ad said this:

Democratic Party chief Howard Dean said “there’s nothing false” about the ad.

“We deliberately used John McCain’s words. This isn’t some ominous consultant’s voice from Washington. This is John McCain’s own words. And we’ve been very upfront about everything that he’s said.”

As I clearly pointed out in my last post on this issue, Dean did NOT let McCain speak for himself…the DNC edited the context ouf of the ad without telling us the video was edited. They also stated in text on screen the exact opposite of what McCain specifically said.

Contact Howard Dean and tell him to stop lying about what McCain said. This is the only contact information I found for Mr. Dean at the DNC website…just fill out the form and ask them to live up to their promise of an honest campaign by immediately removing the dishonest McCain attack ad.

Dean claimed the DNC would run a clean, honest, and honorable campaign. He’s already broken that promise, and the general election campaign hasn’t even begun. Enough is enough Mr. Dean- pull the dishonest ad now.

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Is Barack Obama a Racist?

After watching the videos of Rev. Wright speak today and over the weekend, I have to ask myself- is Barack Obama a racist?

Wright is, no doubt, a racist who hates the USA. You can deny that, but you’re either lying to us or you’re lying to yourself, because there’s too much video evidence out there to prove Wright is an America-hating racist.

Barack calls Wright his spiritual advisor and mentor for 20 years. Out of all the churches in Chicago, Obama was attracted to Wright’s Trinity Baptist, and continued there for 20 years. He let the racist radical marry him and his wife, he let the raving lunatic baptize his children. He wrote a book and mentioned Wright numerous times and even named the book after one of Wright’s radical sermons!

If one has very close, almost family-like ties, to a racist…is that person also a racist in any way? I’d say, yes, probably so. Non-racists usually shy away from racists, out of disgust for the racism if nothing else. Yet Obama stuck around for 20 years.

How could Barack sit in the pews week after week if he doesn’t share any of Wright’s basic views (basic views that are wholly racist, wholly radical, and wholly anti-American)?? If one doesn’t believe in the basic principles of a church, they tend to leave. Why stay if you’re against the basic ideas preached? There’s no logical reason to stay in the pews Sunday after Sunday after Sunday for 2 whole decades.

I see no other logical explanation. It seems that Barack Obama, supported by millions of Americans, is, himself, a racist. If he’s not and he holds no racist views, then explain why the 20 year relationship with a man who is not only a racist, but is also completely out of his mind crazy.


John McCain is a Wimp

John McCain. A Republican, but not all that conservative in the long run. Far too willing to be a pawn for the other side, seemingly looking for media praise for being a “maverick” than actually going with what the people want of him.

As a presidential candidate, he’s a wimp. He refuses to call Obama out for his very close association with his racist, America-hating preacher, Rev. Wright…who wished God would “damn America” and told those in the pews of his megachurch that the US government created AIDS to exterminate blacks.

The North Carolina GOP, on the other hand, has no problem running an ad attacking Obama and playing the video of Wright preach “God damn America” within the ad to make their point. It’s a major issue- it shows what kind of people Barack is comfortable being around and having close ties with. Remember, this is the man who brought him to religion, married Barack and his wife, baptized Barack’s children, and was on his campaign staff until these racist and virulently anti-American statements came to light in the media. To claim a man as your “spiritual mentor” for 20 years who says the things Wright has said- that’s something we need to make sure no public official is involved with, let alone our president.

So, it’s a fair issue…and if you think it’s not, I’ve got news for you. You’re wrong. No one can reasonably deny that Barack’s association with Wright isn’t troubling.

If McCain had gone to church every week to a white preacher claiming black Americans were out to get him and his “people”, or that the US is a terrible nation and for God to damn us- McCain would have to leave the race tomorrow. There’s that beautiful double standard again…kid gloves and tippy toes for those who are constant victims in their own minds. What’s good enough for McCain (or any other candidate whose first name isn’t Barack), then the same should go for Barack himself.

So, it’s a fair issue to bring up.

This is what McCain said about the NC GOP running the ad:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican U.S. presidential candidate John McCain accused North Carolina’s Republican Party of being “out of touch with reality” over its refusal to pull an advertisement criticizing Democrat Barack Obama.

In an NBC interview aired on Friday, the Arizona senator said he has done all he can to persuade the state party to cancel the television ad that criticizes Obama as “too extreme” because of controversial remarks made by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“They’re not listening to me because they’re out of touch with reality and the Republican Party. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and this kind of campaigning is unacceptable,” McCain told NBC’s “Today” Show.

“I’ve done everything that I can to repudiate and to see that this kind of campaigning does not continue,” he added.
read more…

He’s done everything he can to “repudiate…this kind of campaigning”?? What sort of campaigning? Bringing to light relevant issues that call into question your opponent’s character and his very sanity?

I’m sorry Mac, but I don’t see how it’s “out of touch with reality” to bring up a reasonable issue that many Americans (especially conservatives) care about. How, exactly, is he going to win if he won’t question his opponent’s close ties with racist lunatics, let alone terrorists who bomb US govt buildings and refuse to repent for it?

And, please, for the love of God, don’t mention Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan when you mention what party you belong to. If those two men were on the highest level in the party, you’d be in the basement.

Let’s face it, John McCain is a wimp, and this campaign is going to be a rough one when he’s the only one that can’t seem to understand that these issues do matter.