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What Illegal Supporters Don’t Understand

This is absurd. Hundreds of thousands of illegal alien supporters are on the attack…they’re out in large numbers rallying in support of ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES! They use words like “undocumented workers” or “undocumented immigrants,” but sadly they don’t realize that dropping the word ILLEGAL doesn’t change a thing. Illegal is illegal is illegal. An immigrant is inherently a person who comes here LEGALLY. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant, because immigrant implies you came here and did so lawfully.

We have anywhere from 11-20 million people here illegally, most of them from Mexico. According to reports out 1 out of 10 people born in Mexico now lives in the United States, most of them here illegally!

You may have noticed the ‘protests’ have changed a bit and you see fewer Mexican flags and more American flags…but they’re fooling no one. Large groups of people who advocate illegal activity are not to be respected or even taken seriously in my book. A law is a law- you can’t break one law and then say you respect all other laws. It’s all or nothing.

There is no racism here, as many have gone on TV to claim, it’s simply the fact that we want you to OBEY our laws as we expect EVERYONE ELSE to do. You’re not special in any way, shape, or form…if you’re here illegally, you are, indeed, lesser than the great majority of us, because you are a law breaker. You’ve no respect for this nation if you’ve no respect for its laws.

Sadly, even the Republicans are screwing this issue up. They refuse to criminalize the law breakers and they refuse to secure the border. If Bush doesn’t get his act together and change his stance, he’ll have even less support than he has now. Bush has said no way to a barrier on the border and yes to amnesty. This is just downright foolish. He wants to tell the people who violate our laws that it’s okay, and he wants 11 million more illegals to come in. The federal government is refusing to do their main job here- to defend the nation and protect the borders.

If the protesters think they’re having any affect, they’re right. What they don’t understand is- these protests hurt their “cause.” I have even less sympathy for their “plight” now. When you see so many people carrying the Mexican flag thru our streets, while carrying the American flag upside down, rallying in support of violating our laws- you have little choice but to stop even sympathizing with their so-called “plight.” I say- have more protests. Most Americans will lose any sympathy they had as well, hopefully demanding that Congress change directions and DEAL with this issue once and for all.


Cynthia McKinney Further Proves Her Insanity

US Rep. from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney…we’ve all heard the news, there are a few posts in the past few days over her assault on a Capitol Police Officer. She came out and claimed SHE was the victim, she played the race card, her attorney said she was merely in Congress while black- so he’s playing the race card too.

We have numerous witnesses that have sworn statements that say McKinney wasn’t a victim at all and the officer she assaulted was the victim. She might be arrested in the next few days and charged. Clueless Nancy Pelosi said it’s no big deal…Hastert countered that it is, indeed, a big deal. McKinney has had at least 5 altercations with Capitol police and she’s blamed racism everytime…she refers to “white people” out to get her.

Now, McKinney has posted a video clip of some documentary on her website.

Here is the link to the very short video. She’s with a cameraman and someone else, and a guard simply does his job at the Capitol building and asks ‘who are you guys with’? McKinney comments that this is typical and she’s not offended by it- she implies racism here again.

Now- what would you expect a guard at the US Capitol to do when 3 or 4 people are filming the capitol building, ready to just waltz right on into the area without checking in with security? If you’re on duty, you ask the people who they are, who their with, etc. In McKinney’s sad little world- a security guard protecting the capital from people filming it is racism!

The fact is- the Capitol was a possible target on 9/11, and it’s surely a target of terrorist cells in the US today. It’s highly protected, as it should be…can you imagine if guards just let anyone walk up to the Capitol, filming it, trying to get in, not bothering with that pesky thing called security? They’re PROTECTING THE CAPITOL AND THOSE INSIDE OF IT, INCLUDING MCKINNEY HERSELF! She claims to support the Capitol Police, but the truth is- she doesn’t. 5 incidents she has had with them, and she’s blamed racism everytime…when they do their job and demand that people coming in show their Congressional pins (she refuses to wear her pin!), they’re protecting McKinney and her fellow members of Congress. If someone came in and went past security and shot McKinney, she’s complain that it was racism that allowed security to be so lax! You can’t win with lunatics!

In the clip, she shows where her mentality is- she says somethings never change and comments that Tupac said that. A US Congresswoman constantly crying racism, then quoting a violent black rapper in doing so…classy.

I have a suggestion for McKinney- resign today. You’re an embarassment to Congress, you’re an embarassment to the people of Georgia, and you’re an embarassment to the nation itself. If you want to be the loon who cries racism everyday, do it OFF the taxpayer’s dollar. Go work for racist kings Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, but please, for the sake of all Americans- quit Congress today.

Rep Cynthia McKinney Claims SHE is the Victim
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Racist Rep. Cynthia McKinney Punches Cop


Racist Rep. Cynthia McKinney Punches Cop

Rep. Cynthia McKinney- the nutjob of nutjobs in the US House…this woman has been an unhinged radical for the entirety of her career. She’s had numerous problems, including run-ins with the law over campaign contributions, business problems, and worse.

She protested the 1991 Iraq war, causing legislators to walk out on her inane remarks. She claimed President Bush knew about the Sept 11 attacks before they happened, when she said:

“We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11… Those engaged in unusual stock trades immediately before September 11 knew enough to make millions of dollars from United and American airlines, certain insurance and brokerage firms’ stocks. What did the Administration know, and when did it know it about the events of September 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?”

She attacked Al Gore by race baiting him with this comment:
“Al Gore’s Negro tolerance level has never been too high. I’ve never known him to have more than one black person around him at any given time.”

Unfortunately for the clueless McKinney, Gore’s campaign manager was Donna Brazile, a BLACK FEMALE.

She changed her hairstyle recently and was asked to show ID to Capitol Police yesterday (the officer didn’t recognize her). She refuses to wear her Congressional pin as she is supposed to. When grabbed by the arm for going thru the barriers without permission, she (according to witnesses) punched the officer in the chest. One news report of the affair state that there was a chance of her being arrested after Wednesday’s session. I don’t think she was arrested afterall- her statement on her website doesn’t mention any of this.

That same news report quotes an unconfirmed statement that states:

“Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers,” the statement says.

“I was rushing to my meeting when a white police officer yelled to me. He approached me, bodyblocked me, physically touching me. I used my arm to get him off of me. I told him not to touch me several times. He asked for my ID and I showed it to him. He then let me go and I proceeded to my meeting and I assume that the Police Officer resumed his duties. I have counseled with the Sergeant-at-Arms and Acting Assistant Chief Thompson several times before and counseled with them again on today’s incident. I offered also to counsel with the offending police officer.”

This certainly fits McKinney’s racist past with her comments I mentioned above, as well as these issues with McKinney and her racial obsession:

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Shocking News: Saddam a Nutjob

As if we didn’t already know this, but Saddam has a God-complex who thinks he IS Iraq.

The Middle East Media Research Institute posts this transcript from a jail cell interview Saddam did, where he says:

“Even though I am in prison, I don’t allow anyone to speak on my behalf, so long as I live. I am still the president…

…I know that people who listen to me might think that Saddam Hussein has become apathetic in prison and stopped supporting terrorism. No. I’m not ashamed to tell you that Iraq, without Saddam Hussein, isn’t worth two bits. Therefore, it will make me happy if Iraq turns into dust…

…What is the people worth without Saddam Hussein?! What is it worth? Iraq is entirely Saddam Hussein. “Long live Iraq” means “long live Saddam Hussein.” What is Iraq worth without Saddam Hussein?”

And to think- millions of people are furious at the current administration for taking this guy out of power. They’d think the world a better place with Saddam in power. It’s obvious that despots who think they’re gods, who think they ARE the supreme lifetime rulers of a nation are the most dangerous ones who would do anything to conquer other nations and peoples. Think Hitler. Yes, I am just SO sad we took this tyrant out of power…heaven forbid such evil acts.


Is Helen Thomas Insane?

UPDATE: AP story on press conference, Drudge transcript of Thomas’ question

UPDATE 2: Check out this recent piece by Brent Bozell on Thomas

Helen Thomas’ question to President Bush during today’s press conference:

“I’d like to ask you, Mr. President, your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis, wounds of Americans and Iraqis for a lifetime. Every reason given, publicly at least, has turned out not to be true. My question is, why did you really want to go to war? From the moment you stepped into the White House, from your Cabinet — your Cabinet officers, intelligence people, and so forth — what was your real reason? You have said it wasn’t oil — quest for oil, it hasn’t been Israel, or anything else. What was it?”

Of course, this is all a flat out lie. I espcially like her mention of oil and Israel. How on earth do you get Israel out of this? Leave it Helen’s confused mind to get from Iraq to Israel.

It’s also absurd to claim Bush wanted to go to war the day he stepped into office. He never made much of a mention on Iraq or any military actions untile after 9/11. The president made that clear today when he said:

“I think your premise — in all due respect to your question and to you as a lifelong journalist — is that — I didn’t want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong, Helen, in all due respect –”

(Thomas tries to interrupt numerous times)…

“…Excuse me, excuse me. No President wants war. Everything you may have heard is that, but it’s just simply not true. My attitude about the defense of this country changed on September the 11th. We — when we got attacked, I vowed then and there to use every asset at my disposal to protect the American people. Our foreign policy changed on that day, Helen. You know, we used to think we were secure because of oceans and previous diplomacy. But we realized on September the 11th, 2001, that killers could destroy innocent life. And I’m never going to forget it. And I’m never going to forget the vow I made to the American people that we will do everything in our power to protect our people.”

Thomas then made the claim that: “They [Iraq] didn’t do anything to you, or to our country.”

That is nonsense as well. We had a cease fire agreement 12 years before this war that was broken every single day. We had Iraqi govt officers who tried to assassinate President Bush Sr. We had Americans murdered in Israel by terrorist bombers- and Saddam Hussein publicly gave checks to the families of these terrorists in order to murder civilians. Hussein built terrorist training camps with the intent to spread terror to kill innocent people, including American civilians. He did much more, but from this short list you can see that Thomas is dead wrong to make the bogus claim that the nation did nothing to the United States.

Her implication that Hussein did nothing to justify removal from power is also ludicrous. Shall we go thru the list- the rape and torture rooms, the mass graves, the use of chemical weapons on his own people, his invasion of neighboring countries, his attacks on allied jets on patrol in the no-fly zone, etc…Has Thomas forgotten all of these facts?

Now…We have to ask some very serious questions about Thomas…

One has to seriously question the sanity of ol’ Helen. She’s old…we know that. She’s a radical leftist that makes Al Gore look sane. So, we have to wonder if she’s actually literally insane. As in- does she has something wrong with her mentally? I ask this question in all seriousness.

Watching this hold bag ask inane questions during presidential press conferences and press briefings, one easily gets the sense that, yes- Helen Thomas does have severe mental issues…that she might, indeed, be insane at this point in her life. Then again, Helen Thomas has always been this crazy, so maybe age has nothing to do with it. Was it her upbringing? Is the insanity actually in her genes? I’m no genetic determinist, not by a long shot, but maybe Helen is a special case? Perhaps?

I’ll try to find a transcript of video of her idiotic questions of the president today to prove my point that she might be slowly slipping even further into insanity…

More to come…

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Delusional Dems

Democratic pundit Michael Brown appears on Heartland with John Kasich tonight on Fox News. When asked about Feingold’s lame attempt to censure President Bush, Brown immediately went into a rant about how the Republicans wanted to do even more to the previous president for “personal” issues that man had and that he didn’t hurt anyone with his actions.

The dems are still living in lala land where sexual harassment is merely a personal issue that doesn’t harm anyone.

Lying to a grand jury is a personal issue that hurt no one and was no big deal.

FBI files on political enemies that suddenly show up at the White House is just a personal issue.

Selling weapons secrets to China is just a personal issue and no one got hurt.

Rose Law Firm billing records that suddenly show up at the White House is just a personal issue.

Hiring thugs to go after all the women Clinton slept with- thugs that threatened these women’s live is just a personal matter and hurt no one. It especially hurt no one when these thugs threatened to break the “pretty legs” of one of Clinton’s “bimbos” or to kill another.

Accusations of rape are a personal matter and they hurt no one.

Lying to the American people and having to apologize for doing so in a special primetime address hurt nobody and it was merely a personal issue.

I have to wonder about the sanity of Democrats like Brown who seem to be under some sort of psychosis, suffering extreme memory loss, and revising history to worship at the alter of The Clintons. Only an idiot claims the many crimes of this couple were just personal matters and they never hurt anyone. That’s nonsense, and Brown, along with all the other Clinton defenders know it’s nonsense.


Liberal Loons (Colmes and Gross) Gang Up on High School Kid

Sean Allen on Hannity and Colmes
Download video (2 MB WMV file)

Check out the video of Sean Allen from Hannity and Colmes tonight. The comments go along with the content of the interview.

Alan Colmes and Michael Gross disgust me for even defending Jay Bennish…and they make it even worse when they gang up to attack Sean Allen, who is how old? 14? 15? I wonder if they better about themselves- especially Gross, who decided he had some God-given right to “lecture” Sean Allen, and whine and bitch that he taped the class.

In Gross’ mind- a teacher should be able to spout of nonsense to his freshmen high school kids that the USA is the most violent nation on earth, and that maybe we deserved 9/11 (he said something about the WTC and Pentagon maybe being considered military targets), etc…yet he has the audacity to attack a kid who taped the teacher ranting like a loon about all of this!

The two of them wanted to paint Allen as a snitch who is merely out to get this poor poor innocent teacher whose done nothing wrong- Colmes made that clear when he tried to imply that Allen never taped the whole class and Colmes made the absurd claim that the kid shopped the tape around to a conservative media outlet. Hannity and Colmes covered the story last night and the night before- does this make Colmes a conservative media figure since he’s actually talked to the kid the past two days?

This was absurd behavior- not surprising from both, especially not Gross, who I have seen many times on the show, and the guy is just out of friggin mind (I say that with the utmost seriousness.) Congrats to Sean Allen for not allowing the moonbats to intimidate him.


Glenn Beck Insider Freak Cam

Just wanted to share the view of the Freak Cam from Glenn Beck’s Insider service.

Glenn Beck Freak Cam

$6.95 a month for mp3 downloads of the show, live webcam feed of the show (with the show audio, of course), a 30 day streaming webcam archive, as well as the 30 day audio streaming archive (the streaming audio has the music and breaks in it- the music isn’t allowed in the downloads due to copyright issues). You also get access to the forums, classic audio bits, and much more.

I sound like a commercial for the Glenn Beck Program, I know…but I just think it’s a great deal, that’s all. I’m enjoying it so far, tho I have yet to listen to any of the “after show shows.” Need to check it out soon just to see what it’s like.

Bill O’Reilly has a lot of inside content for his subscribers as well- I think his service is $6.95 as well, but I can’t say for sure.


Norm Coleman’s New Port Bill

Norm Coleman appeared on The Factor last night and talked about his new bill that would demand all ports be run by only American companies. I’m all for that personally. I think, from the little research I’ve done on the subject, that the port system has poor security to begin with, and there’s all sorts of changes that need to be made over time. Checking ALL containers for radioactive materials would be a good idea in my book- according to the information I found online, we only check around 37% of the containers for radioactive material (materials that could be shipped in to make dirty bombs), but I say we need to check 100% of containers for this sort of thing. 37% is basically pointless- it’s like going to the casino and the odds are very much against you- that’s not security, it’s foolishness.

Now, Coleman’s bill, I haven’t read it, I only heard his points on The Factor, would be retroactive- it would require all companies to be American-based, with background checks on all employees (this sounds like common sense, but from what he said- this isn’t even mandatory)…and there would be something in the law to give these companies time to hand over the reigns to American firms, deal with the economic issues involved, etc.

Picking on UAE, as was the case with this port deal in question, was a bad idea- the nation has allied with us in the war on terror, and as has been noted by so many- we need to ally with nations in the middle east and elsewhere to make sure we can get their cooperation in the war on terror. We need to make sure that we keep alliances in good standing in order for these nations to capture terrorists and gladly hand them over, share intelligence, and much more.

I think Coleman’s idea is a good one- let’s not offend allies, even if they’re not the best guys on the planet- if we screw over allies that aren’t so great, we run the risk of losing out on intelligence, the chance to grab terrorists found in these nations, and other vital aspects that will help us win the war on terror. All American companies running American ports works for me…some will oppose this idea because of the foreign capital coming in, or others will complain that we’re offending allies- but, in the end, this policy would be all or nothing. We won’t have to single out one nation or another, which might hurt our relationships with them- that’s a good thing in my book.

Maybe there are aspects to Coleman’s bill that would be a disaster in terms of the economy or other aspects…I can just say that from hearing what he had to say about the plan, it makes sense and sounds reasonable. But, this is only the start of many changes that need to be made and sooner rather than later.