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She Was the Nicest Lady Ever (Except When She Killed Our Kids)

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this “temporary insanity” nonsense. Insane is insane. If someone isn’t insane today, they weren’t insane yesterday. ANYONE can have a bad day and do evil acts, and what now? Just claim you were insane ON THAT DAY. Bingo! Thus, murdering your children are fine.

I don’t know all the facts with this trial, but her ex-husband is talking, now, about how when Andrea got off some meds, that’s when she killed her kids. So, let me get this straight- unless this mother of 5 kids takes her medicine, then she murders people…and when she does so, we say that it’s okay because she was “temporarily insane”???!!

Good God, this is the best thing for murderers in a long time. Have you killed someone? Want to stay out or prison for the rest of your life? Well, claim you were insane…no, not really insane, just insane for one day! Claim you were a loving mother who was the greatest ever, until one rainy day when you forgot to take your medicine (or stopped taking it- either way, it’s your decision when to claim insanity!!), then bam-o, you can murder away as you wish. Just claim you were suddenly insane for a day! That’s right, order right now, and we’ll throw in the ‘don’t execute me, because I promise I’m sorry for what I did and have converted to islam’ excuse as well!

Sounds totally insane to me. If someone can miss her medicine a day or two or however long it was, then suddenly go psycho and drown all her kids…that’s a person who is either 1. evil, or 2. COMPLETELY INSANE and there’s NO “termporary” about it! BS. Total BS.

Hi, I’m Andrea Yates. I’m not guilty. I’m not insane. No siree- I’m totally sane. BUT, wait wait- I WAS insane for ONE DAY, yes day I was insane. But ONLY on that day. Today I’m sane. Tomorrow I might return to insanity for one day (maybe even two days!)…but I’m cool. Totally fine.

Maybe there is such a thing as Postpartum Psychosis, and maybe it really affects some women. But, come on- society is over if we allow these things as defense for murder and othe crimes. Why? Because we all have issues…we all have problems every now and then. If we continue down this path, males will start to claim they raped a woman because they had dangerously high levels of testosterone in their systems! Teens will commit murder and blame it on their changing bodies- their body chemicals gone mad during this process of maturity. I’d say we could probably blame EVERY crime on chemicals. Sure- there are chemicals in your brain, and certain low or high levels of them affect your mood, your behavior, etc. But, where do you draw the line? When you murder someone or many someones- who gets to say if it was okay because you supposedly couldn’t control your actions? How could we ever tell? This will no doubtedly lead to a society where the defense is used everyday…and eventually one that is used by ALL criminals. I mean, unless you’re a totally evil person who kills because you can, what sane person does murder? Couldn’t we just so easily proclaim that all people who were considered nice and loving by family and friends were insane the day or even days they acted out? This is a slippery slope I doubt few really want to head down.

Back to Andrea, who was found not guilty due to “temporary insanity”…

When she’s let out in the street (she can petition for release in a few months)…let’s hope she doesn’t kill again. If you kill once, I don’t think you’re likely to NOT kill again.

UPDATE: From doing background research on this case, Yates before the murder, and all of that…it seems that both her and her husband are insane. Her husband got her in touch with a fiery preacher who constantly said that God hated Andrea (his wife wrote letters to Andrea telling her the same thing), and that women should be under their husbands because they had evil from Eve. Andrea had depression and anxiety (so do I, but I’ve never killed anyone!), but refused to take her medicine, refused to listen to her doctors, refused to do anything anyone said to get better. The family kept having more and more children (even her husband who is obviously as clueless and stupid as they come, wanted her to have more kids!) Despite the fact that all the doctors told her NOT to have anymore kids…to stay on her medicine, that more kids would cause more stress and maybe lead to further depression and anxiety, as well as thoughts of suicide, they didn’t listen. They had 2 more kids after she started claiming seeing visions of a knife and stabbing…after she tried to kill herself.

If this is all true as reported, then I’d say they were both careless parents who had serious problems. It turns out they lived on a bus for some time traveling around in it…friends urged Rusty Yates (Andrea’s husband at the time) to buy his family a home. Again- this shows how clueless he was in the care of his family.


Billions of Taxpayer Dollars and NASA Still Can’t Get it Right

Taxpayer-funded space missions need to be scrapped. Today. It’s a massive waist of money. They reported yesterday that it cost $2 million to take shuttle from the hangar to the launchpad each time. $2 million! Think about what that money could do if put to good use.

Does anyone even have ANY idea what the shuttle missions do anymore? If you check the “science” done on the missions anymore, it’s little to a whole bunch of nothing. Private companies, if they want to go into the business should be allowed to do so if they can do it…but this whole idea of spending billions on a program that is of so little value for the money- that’s a big no-no in my book.

And now, after spending hundreds of millions after the Discovery disaster to fix some FOAM- yes, folks, we have a multi-million dollar shuttle that is covered in foam that they, for some reason, cannot get to stay on the damned boosters. In fact, the video from this last launch shows that even more debris fell off the shuttle nearly 3 mins into the flight. Last time, debris 2 mins in hitting the shuttle caused the explosion that killed all on board.

I have to say- it’s plain ridiculous that NASA even launched at all with the cracks they found the other day…now, we have video of more debris falling off the rockets, and they decided to fly anyhow. No big deal- keep sending these ancient shuttles into space to do God only knows what. Keep spending as much of our money you want- no problem. Call me crazy, but when the government forcefully takes some of my paycheck, I want them to spend it on things that will 1. make a difference and help my life, and 2. not be a complete or near complete waste.

The shuttle program is dead, NASA just won’t stop trying to keep it alive via life support. I have this to say about it- pull the plug. Now.


Supreme Court to Terrorists- Hire OJ’s Attorneys!

SCOTUS has ruled today on the issue of military tribunals and whether terrorist suspects in Guantanamo (and I assume elsewhere) can be tried in US courts. I haven’t read the opinion, but Justice Thomas wasn’t too happy with the ruling. I don’t know the rundown on who voted which way or the vote count yet either, but will look into it.

I will have more on this later.

For now, it seems like a terrible decision. I can’t imagine what this would mean for the average American on a jury trying a terrorist! Can you imagine sitting on a jury deciding the fate of Bin Laden’s personal driver?! You’re just a sitting duck, waiting to be offed be radical cells already in this country. At least it seems that way to me! Who knows, more later…

UPDATE: According to Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napalitano, SCOTUS went much further then it had to in this case and proclaimed that the Geneva Conventions cover ALL of the war on terror, which is absurd. Fact is- terrorists aren’t covered under the Conventions, but SCOTUS appears to disagree with this fact. I assume that’s what the ruling proclaimed. If the ruling states that we must follow the Conventions in regards to this particular case and that it covers ALL the military tribunals at Gitmo, then that is what they said. It’s all a bit confusing from the limited info. I’ve gathered.

It turns out that in his opinion, Breyer claimed that the ruling only applied to this particular case, but in fact the decision from the entire court ruled that it covered ALL cases, so maybe he ruled with the majority even tho he has no idea what they actually ruled?!

More later…


Zarqawi Killed

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed by US airstrike

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, has been killed in an airstrike on a safehouse in Iraq yesterday (US time).

I wish this brutal murderer luck in hell.

I have to join Michelle Malkin and others in wondering what the hell is wrong with isane liberals, like those as dailynut…I mean, dailykos (founded by a radical liberal who said the murdered contractors in Fallujah got what they deserved)…someone posted there that this was basically no big deal and used it to attack the president! What does it take to make these morons happy?


The Congressional Black Caucus Supporting Jefferson?

I just heard news that the Congressional Black Caucus will support Rep. Jefferson- the man the FBI has on tape asking for bribes…the man who had $90, 000 stuffed in his freezer at his house! The man that was arrested after a 1 year investigation into his criminal activities.

More on this later…


Breaking: Grand Jury Convenes on McKinney Case

Fox News reporting that a grand jury has convened in regards to the Cynthia McKinney matter…

John Gibson, Fox News Alert, Cynthia McKinney


Netflix Goes Cuckoo

Companies like Netflix just piss me off. They can’t act like adult companies and compete fairly in the marketplace. Sure, it’s fine to be better than the other guy and do all you can to take all the customers you can by offering a better service and product, but it’s absurd to sue over nothing.

Netflix has sued Blockbuster online, claiming that Blockbuster is infringing on their patents to allow customers to rent DVD’s online, keep them as long as they want without incurring charges, and allowing customers to keep an online section of movies they want in the future. They actually allow you to patent such general ideas?! What’s next, someone will patent an idea that says- ‘my company will deliver something to a customer’, now no other company can deliver items to customers.

I don’t know about patent law or anything like that, but if this IS illegal then the system itself is totally screwed up. One company can’t, in this age, take an idea and then claim that no other company can do the same thing, lest they get sued! If that were the case, one major company could go and patent every idea they can think of, shutting out all competition.

If Netflix thinks that they have a right to be the only company in the nation to allow online rentals, they’re nuts. The idea is just insulting.


Students Banned from Wearing Patriotic Clothing, Anything With US Flag

It’s a sad day in our nation when school kids are banned from wearing clothing that is any way patriotic, has any flags, or supports the military, etc.

What’s the quote saying how nations are not destroyed from forces external but by forces from within?

There is definitely a large group within this nation is trying to destroy it and set up a brand new nation with new laws, new traditions, new social structures, etc. Hopefully Americans will realize this and fight those who are part of this vast group trying to destroy the nation from within.


Cynthia McKinney’s Racist Friends Protest

NUTJOB ALERT!! The people in the video here are complete insane and bear no resemblance to humans with actual working brains. Anything they say should go in one ear and out the other faster than you can call Jesse Jackson’s house to plan a protest march…

Cynthia McKinney’s racist friends come out to proclaim a racist conspiracy.

Let us all do the nation a favor and stop accepting black racism. Usually in this country, it’s thought that if you’re black you somehow have an inherent right to be a racist or spout of racist remarks, and it’s not that big of a deal. Racism is racism no matter who it comes from!

Let’s change the way things usually work and shame every one of these fools for being the racists they are…

I should note McKinney has still not apologized and it still playing the victim card.



Rep Cynthia McKinney Claims SHE is the Victim

loony House member Cynthia McKinney plays the race and victim card
I’m a victim! Whitey hates me! Whitey out to get me!

UPDATE (VIDEO): I’ve uploaded the segment on this from Special Report from Fox News
—-DOWNLOAD VIDEO (3.66 MB wmv video- 3:18 length)

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who punched a Capitol Police Officer might face arrest

There was apparently a press conference held today (byMcKinney)…I will look into it more…

Special Report on Fox News mentioned the incident in the preview of the show- will try to get video.

Fox News Talk should be airing John Gibson’s radio show right now, but when I tune the station in on XM RADIO, it’s saying this station is experiencing technical difficulties.

Not shocking- McKinney is using the race card. Her attorney made a statement saying the following:

“Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin.”

“Ms. McKinney is just a victim of being in Congress while black. Congresswoman McKinney will be exonerated.”

THE NAACP is attacking the Capitol Police today. A speaker from the NAACP claimed that they abused McKinney and that they’re attacking women and blacks.

This is the FIFTH TIME McKinney has had problems with the Capitol Police.

This woman is a nut. Well, her lawyer is a nut too.

More to come…

VIDEO UPDATE: Malkin has the video of the press conference.

MCKINNEY IS saying she will file her own charges and make a civil case of this issue. A staffer for a Republican Rep from Michigan filed a report swearing that she saw the incident and that McKinney punched the officer. The officer has filed a statement swearing that he was punched by McKinney.

The video from Special Report on Fox News coming in a bit…