Happy Christmas Day

So, I had planned on going to the movies all day today…pulling what I will forever call a “Pat Walsh” in honor of a podcast host whom I adore who apparently used to sneak into movies all day on Christmas. I was going to be less criminal and use my AMC Stubs A- list membership to pay for at least 3 of the movies then see 1 or 2 more if time allowed for free.

I, instead, stayed home all day. Did not even open the door. It was too warm today. 65 was the high, hard to get any cool air into the house, and the AC is turned off until March. Poor me. I slept. Then woke up and made fajitas. The meat was definitely not the regular meat you use to make fajitas…it was more like pot roast consistency in a taco shell.

I started reading this first book of what is a 12 book series called the Hardman series, I believe? It’s some series from the 1970’s they brought back and reprinted. I got it for the kindle, because I’m cheap like that.

I am just rambling. I am tired from the benadryl that I use to help me fall asleep. Happy Merry Christmas to all of you. Maybe 2019 either be better or worse. I should give that sentiment next week when it’s New Year’s and all, but what the fuck, I did it early. Hope you got what you wanted for Christmas.

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