So, The California Supreme Court has 3 possibly sane justices and 4 bat shit crazy justices. In their infinite wisdom, they decided it’s now legal for people to sue those who come to their aid in an emergency. The ruling is the result of a suit brought by the world’s biggest idiot (and possibly the devil in human form), Alexandra Van Horn who sued her friend after they were both involved in a high speed car accident. The friend says she thought she saw smoke and had a feeling the car would catch fire. So, she pulled Van Horn from the vehicle. Van Horn’s (scumbag) lawyers argue that the friend yanked Van Horn out of the car like a rag doll. Van Horn is now paralyzed– from all the information I could find, she’s probably in this state because of the crash itself, but of course her whores for attorneys want the dough, and they argue the friend caused the paralysis.

Let’s hope karma is real…here’s hoping the next crash Van Horn is in causes serious injury, someone hears about the case and decides not to help her for fear that this bitch will sue them like the piece of shit she is, the car explodes and she burns to a crisp. I’m sorry, but wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?

Van Horn– perhaps you need to look into acquiring a life? And maybe a soul while you’re at it?

CA Supreme Court– maybe you idiots can get your heads out of your asses with inane legal rulings like this? As if your state isn’t enough of a national embarassment already, you go and pull shit like this.

This world is going to hell in a handbasket in a hurry.

This link here shows us why lawyers cannot be trusted, and why most of them need to be taken out back behind the shed and put down like ol yeller. How these dirtballs sleep at night is a mystery.

UPDATE: I found more information on this story, and it seems it was two cars. Van Horn in one and the friend in the second car. 4 co-workers…they went back to one of their houses to smoke pot on Halloween then went out to a bar. I take it back– I hope they all die for being so f’ing stupid. Here’s a question– were the drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated? Are young people (and people in general) really this stupid? If there’s one thing I truly despise, it’s a pot smoker. Dear Lord, it’s scary to be surrounded by idiots on all sides.