Barack will cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Do 95% of Americans even PAY taxes?!?

He’s going to invest $150 billion in new fuels for vehicles…he promises health care for ALL Americans (the same coverage members of Congress have), he promises EVERY American will have money for college…LOL- He just claimed he will bar insurance companies from “discriminating” against sick people!!

How will he do all this while cutting taxes?????

Is he seriously claiming he will use government rule to force insurance companies to accept ALL customers, no matter how sick they are?! If he’s saying what it sounds like, he’s lost his mind.

He says he will pay for every dime by “cutting corporate loopholes and tax savings.” He will go thru the federal budget “line by line” and cut programs that don’t work. But $500 billion worth???

Government programs can’t replace parents.

John McCain doesn’t have the temperment to lead the nation. It’s a debate Obama is ready to have, he says- except he refused to participate in any of the townhall debates McCain proposed and Barack claimed he would join him in.

He attacks McCain for Iraq. Claims McCain won’t even follow bin laden to “the cave where he lives.” What on earth does that mean?

He calls for a timeframe to remove troops from Iraq. Calls it a misguided war. McCain is grasping at the ideas of the past, and we need a president who will look to the future. You don’t defeat a terrorist by occupying Iraq (tho evidence shows we have destroyed al qaeda). He says McCain has strained our traditional alliances and that we can’t help Georgia if this is the case. Dems will keep us safe, he says. Republicans have squandered the legacy built over decades.

He will only send our troops into harm’s way with a sacred commitment to give them all the equipment they need. He will end the war responsibly and rebuild the military. He will use diplomacy to defend against Iran. (funny)

He spends a half hour attacking McCain, then claims that he refuses to never question a person’s [McCain's] patriotism or character. He says there is no red or blue America. “I’ve got new for you John McCain, we all put our country first.” (That is clearly not the case for some.)

More boilerplate…with some of the usual ‘I don’t fit the traditional presidential pedigree.’ Blah blah blah. Same old politics is bad, and I’m not about that [yet all the evidence suggests it's JUST like all the other campaigns and politics as usual.]