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The Don Imus Effect

This is absurd. Opie and Anthony have been suspended from XM radio for 30 days for laughing at a tasteless scenario that a guest thought up involving forced sex with Condi Rice and Laura Bush. It was very out of taste, and it was stupid- but this took place on an “UNCENSORED” channel that has a big “XL” next to it denoting the fact that it’s uncensored and contains graphic language!

This is, by far, some of the lamest stuff I’ve heard from this show. It’s downright tame to some of the stuff they and their guests have said in the past, and I listen on a regular basis (from home to work and back at the end of the day.)

So, XM sets up an “uncensored” channel with shock jocks, then they censor them? This is insanity, and I blame it on media matters for america and Al Sharpton. Media matters for their obsession over the story, being the ones who started all the chaos to begin with…and Sharpton for being the racist hypocrite he has always been.

This Don Imus effect is insane! They fired a pair of jocks for making fun of a chinese guy- it was actually pretty funny…then they suspended some guy for making a Jewish jab. What country are we in here, folks? If you don’t care for it, TURN THE STATION! People are too easily offended’s actually rather sad.

Now, the message boards show that O&A have been fired from XM. If this is the case, I am seriously considering canceling my subscription. They said it best Monday, “We’re under the same scrutiny as it doesn’t make sense.” Indeed, it does not…


Republican Debate on Fox News

This stuff is actually sort of a joke…ten candidates on a stage is absurd. I was sort of torn on this- why allow only the top candidates? I feel the media is partly responsible for the top spots as it is…they push a few candidates all the time, no wonder they have the most support in current polls. All should get a chance to give their opinions and share their views. But, when you see them all together- you see this just doesn’t work.

A few thoughts- Giuliani…don’t much like him. The fact that he’s on his third marriage is upsetting to me personally. The fact that he’s pro-abortion is another aspect of his views I dislike a lot. I don’t think I can vote for a supporter of abortion. I also find his evasion of questions annoying. McCain and Romney are guilty of this as well. Sadly- the most open and honest candidates are those on the bottom of the polls. I’m sick of seeing a question asked and the top 3 guys dancing around with their answers.

Ron Paul- this guy is out of his mind. He doesn’t want us to lead the world basically…that’s the feeling I got from him. He wants an America that doesn’t intervene in international fights? Too bad our actions doing just that in WWII lead us to the spot as super power! I’d never support an anti-war “conservative.”

McCain- he just looks like a zombie to me. He’s constantly got this weird stare on his face- looks as if he’s staring at one spot or something. It’s a bit creepy. That and I forgot he voted against Bush’s tax cuts twice.

Tancredo has good ideas on immigration.

Personally- I think the best bet would be a Fred Thompson candidacy.

The top 3- McCain, Giuliani, and Romney are stepping over each other whining they wall want 30 seconds. Ugh…

I’m not very impressed at all. Out of this group- I’d vote for tough talking Tancredo.

UPDATE: I should mention I find Giuliani’s adoption blathering stupid when asked about abortion. He refuses to be clear and straight on his support for abortion, instead going on a tangent about how adoptions in NYC rose when he was mayor. I see that in the May 3 debate he claimed a 70% increase- I think tonight he said it was a 130% increase. It turns out, he’s full of it either way. FactCheck.Org has more info.

Note to Rudy- when asked about your support of killing soon-to-be-born babies…don’t go on and on about fictional adoption rates! ‘I support mothers killing babies, but hey- I’ll claim adoptions were up when I was mayor!’ Insulting.


Proof: The Left is Hate-Filled

The left in this country is filled with hatred. Liberals, who claim to be compassionate people who love the poor, the downtrodden, the sick, the elderly, and on and on…they’re full of hate.

Proof? Check DailyKos for the sick and twisted comments attacking Jerry Falwell, who died today. These people are out of their minds insane.

More proof? Air America radio host, Rachel Maddox, when talking about Falwell said ‘he’s dead, dead, dead as a doornail, dead.’ She also said ‘welcome to day 1 post-Falwell.’ Why make these statements? Why gleeful over someones death? Do you people have no soul?

I’m sure Maddox is currently making even worse statements- I had to turn it off, because it was just sickening. If you think homosexuality is a sin and immoral- you’re evil in Maddox’s eyes. Makes absolutely no sense, as that means most Americans would be considered evil!

The left is showing its true colors today…just take a quick look around many liberal blogs, and you’ll see their hatred on full display.

UPDATE: Amanda Marcotte, the hate-filled woman who ever-clueless John Edwards hired for his blog, has a post titled “The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son”

In the comments, someone makes the good point that if Jimmy Carter died, she doesn’t think conservatives would act like this, because conservatives have more class (historically true)…Marcotte’s response?

Amanda Marcotte
May 15th, 2007 at 2:15 pm

Nice thing about being a non-believer, Tib, is it springs you from having to be idiotically literal. ;)

That, of course, won’t happen; conservatives simply have more class.

Tell that to the over 600,000 Iraqis we’ve managed to kill. But with class.

Shocker? Only to fools like John Edwards. I do love the bogus 600, 000 number that has been refuted time and time again. Liberals, I guess, love to parrot bogus numbers. That and the fact that she’s implying US soldiers murdered these people somehow…no mention of the 1million+ people Saddam was responsible for killing…I guess it doesn’t matter when a brutal dictator kills people. Better let the people suffer under that brutal dictator. Finally- her comments makes little sense as an attack on conservatives, considering most democrats ALSO voted in support of the war that she claims has killed “600, 000″ people.


PDATE: Why did CNN have the hateful Christopher Hitchens on to attack Falwell on the night the poor guy died?

Media Research Centers covers Hitchen’s idiotic rants about Falwell on Anderson Cooper’s show.

If there’s one thing that’s quite obvious about Hitchens- he is one of the most miserable people on this planet. I wonder if he’s married and if his wife has ever tried to take her life. I say that only half kidding- can you imagine being around someone that is so angry and so filled with hate all day long? Heck- you need only look at the picture of him from the show to see he’s completely miserable and hates everyone and everything. Just because you think you’re a cosmic accident with no purpose but to waste oxygen for your DNA, that’s no reason to look so angry all the time.


Slow Bird

I’ll tell you what is quite disturbing. Driving down the road, you notice a bird standing in the street in front of you, you think it’s going to move, but it doesn’t…UNTIL you’re driving over it- the bird decides that would be the best time to fly into the air for safety and boom- you hear and feel the impact. That and when you look in the rearview mirror, you see a bunch of feathers flying behind you.


Al Sharpton the Anti-Semitic, Racist, Coward

Al Sharpton “debated” Don Imus’ radio producer on Hannity & Colmes tonight. No shock- he refused to answer any questions about his own racist or anti-semitic remarks. He refused to defend any of his own actions (he somehow thinks he’s the epitome of moral greatness, yet when asked about his many racist remarks- he dodges the question.)

Sharpton also refused to take on rap artists. Well- Imus’ producer asked Sharpton if he’d tell Hillary Clinton, who recently took $800, 000 from rap ‘artist’ Timbaland (who says “nigger” 24 times in one of his songs) to give Timbaland’s money back, what was Sharpton’s reply? He refused to tell her to give the cash back. Instead, he turned it into an attack on President Bush, complaining that Bush met with Puffy Sean Combs. Sharpton was asked again to stop dodging the issue and give an answer, but he proved himself the hypocritical coward we all know he is. Sad when you debate Don Imus’ radio producer and he makes you look like a coward.

Sharpton won’t ever take personal responsibility for his own racism. He’ll never give you a straight answer on his neverending race-baiting and hustling. He’ll always be a coward with a double standard. That’s the Sharpton we’ve known for so many years, why change now?


New Terror Plot: Muslims Again (No Shocker There)

The terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix- all of the suspects arrested. Get this. They’re all muslims who daily praise mohammed- a mass murdering warrior.

is ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE shocked to hear this? Did anyone hear the news of a terror plot and actually wonder what religion these guys were a part of?

Does anyone not see the very disturbing pattern? Does anyone think that maybe when you follow a religion created by a mass murderer, this is the logical outcome? Does anyone want to deny that simple fact and come up with an explanation on how any person who praises a mass murderer could, in any way, claim to be peaceful or part of a religion of peace?

PS How many of these idiots are here illegally?


Obama Panders, Gets All ‘Facts’ Wrong

Barack, ‘I opposed the war from the start, because removing brutal despots is something I just don’t support’, Obama recently got his facts very wrong at a fundraising event (when you’re a fool whose only goal is to take millions of dollars from other wealthy fools, you sometimes go stupid)- he claimed that the tornado that hit Kansas killed 10, 000 people, and he parroted the bogus claim from Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius that the state only has 40% of its national guard equipment available to help with the disaster.

Here’s Barack’s comment:

“In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died—an entire town destroyed,”

Well- he was wrong on both counts. First, only 12 people died. VERY far off from his claim of 10, 000. Also- several reports from many sources have shown that the governor is just wrong- she’s a political hack using a bad situation to attack the president (what a shocker…I thought democrats were all about love, kindness, and compassion?), and that the state actually has 70% or more available. Remember- the town hit was a mere 1, 500 (which makes you wonder how on earth Obama came up with 10, 000- which is what? 7 or 8 times the entire city?)

So, Obama panders like an idiot, the Kansas governor abuses disaster victims to make political attacks. This is the current state of one of the Democratic frontrunners? This is how politicians act now?



Law and Order: Stop With the “True Life” Nonsense

I don’t often watch Law And Order anymore…the show went downhill a long time ago. Probably with the departure of Orbach. One thing that I notice every now and again, from flipping through the channels, or seeing clips of the series on other shows- they have an obsessive tendency to cover real life current events while trying to make sure we all know from the start of the show that the event portrayed in this episode isn’t based on any actual events whatsoever- it’s purrrrrrely fictional, totally, completely, and 100%- except it isn’t at all.

Right now, Special Victims Unit is airing an episode about a preacher backed by his congregation who killed a gay prostitute he was having an affair with. Well, golly that sounds familiar to me. Minus the murder part- they had to add some fanciful addition to make it better for TV. I just have to wonder why they’re so adamant that the show isn’t based on any actual event.

I also tend to see a political pattern in the targets they go after. I could be wrong, but it seems they tend to pick on mostly conservative targets in their negative portrayals. Now, this particular episode, I take no issue with the target- this guy is just scum…but, the pattern and their insistence that it’s not based on any actual even is a tad bit annoying.

UPDATE: In the ‘not-so-shocking’category’ Law & Order SVU was followed by an episode of the original Law & Order where a man kills his daughter’s teacher because he was teaching the daughter about evolution- and of course, Christians are lunatics (like, duh) who kill people when they dare teach their children evolution. Can someone PLEASE name a single case of murder because a teacher taught a lesson evolution? The father says that the teacher was putting his daughter in mortal danger by trying to make her an unbeliever. Please don’t tell me you’re not seeing the clear attack on conservative values. I say ‘conservative’ because they don’t seem to be attacking the liberal Christian here, just a crude stereotype of conservative Christianity.


Logitech Harmony 880 Remote

I noticed Wal Mart has one of the Logitech Harmony remote controls. The model I saw was the 520 and runs right below 100 bucks. The reviews aren’t the best, so I went searching for a better model. I found the Harmony 880. It has a color screen and a docking station that recharges the batteries. Good thing, as the other models have no docking station, and you’d go through batteries all the time.

I have many components in my home theatre- too many in fact…I still need to get a multi-port HDMI/TOS LINK, so I have more inputs. I’m sort of in the stage where I’m having to remove one wire and plug it into something else every now and then. That’s always a pain.

Unfortunately, the price tag is a little high. I’m not sure I want to spend nearly $230 on a remote control- even though I have 7 remotes sitting on my table right next to me, and they’re starting to take over the room!


Absurd Illegal Alien Defense: Don’t Break Families Apart

I often hear the following argument when discussing illegal immigrants:

We shouldn’t separate families…so, when an illegal alien has a child in the US- that child is automatically a US citizen. That kid won’t be deported, because they’re not illegal. The mother, however, can be deported, but illegal advocates argue the system is broken, because or current laws would break this family apart.

Now- this line of reasoning is just downright silly. If this your argument, you’re basically making a loud declaration to all future illegals- ‘all you have to do is come into our country and have a child…then you can claim you should stay because to deport you would mean we’re breaking up a family.’

No shocker that the illegal alien advocates who call for people to break the law don’t see the obvious insanity with their argument. Then again, I think they do, in fact, see the insanity, but because they’re advocates of breaking the law- they just don’t care.

People will continue to use this argument and many others…but, breaking the law is breaking the law. Unfortunately, even our president has refused to show an ounce of leadership in regards to this issue and is supporting an amnesty plan, which will do nothing but hurt all of us.