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Malkin on ABC’s “Editor’s Note”

Michelle Malkin, and others, are dicussing the “editor’s note” ABC News put on their webpage regarding one of the newly released Saddam docs that link him to bin Laden and his terror group…

The MSM is at it again…When Dan Rather uses a source who is a well-known Bush-hater, obsessed with attacking Bush, it’s fine and no “note” is needed. When the NY Times incorrectly identifies people in photos from abu gharib, there’s no note (not until their error is caught by ANOTHER news agency and they’re FORCED into retracting the information.)

I could go on, but we all know the MSM is fairly worthless anymore.


Trash TV: The-N

One of my favorite animated series on TV right now is O’Grady- a show about a group of high school kids who deal with “The Weirdness” in its many forms- whether robobabies, talking ‘quote’ bubbles coming out of everyones head, or people becoming invisible when they hold their breaths, the weirdness affects them all.

Each episode has a different incarnation of the weirdness…and sometimes it’s up front, or sometimes it’s more in the background of the plot. It’s funny…a comedy with weirdness. The second season just started, and it’s starting to push the limits with the language (which is unfortunate, as season 1 was fairly tame in this regard, minus a couple situations that weren’t exactly 100% proper for young teens, which is the core audience for the network.) The show really isn’t that bad for younger people…besides a few instances of the word “ass” and “damn” and a few jokes that are semi-sexual in nature (oddly, the last two episodes they mentioned two male classmates briefly, and it’s clear that these two boys are involved in “gay activities”- these are mentioned in jokes really, so there’s not an agenda involved here, I don’t think.)

I’d probably be fine with my teen (if I had one) watching this show, but I wouldn’t say the same for much of the other stuff this network airs…

Now, my problem is with The-N overall. The-N is the teen block of programs that starts around 6PM on NOGGIN- which is a network for very small kids…so, NOGGIN turns into The-N everynight and runs late into the night.

They have a fairly new series about a girl and her brother and their life at a new school in Los Angeles- moving to the city from the midwest somewhere. The innocent girl gets a taste of the crazy life in L.A. Problem is- much of the plot is centered around promoting a homosexual agenda in the fact that the girl’s new best friend is “bisexual” and is slowly turning the girl that way as well. I’ve seen a few episodes, and it’s not teen fare at all- it’s somewhat raunchy and just inappropriate for the target audience. Most parents would freak if they knew their teens were watching this stuff…and to make it worse the show is laced with the agenda of trying to “normalize” homosexuality…telling kids- it’s okay, it’s alright, it’s not fair to make any judgement calls on behavior or lifestyles. That agenda isn’t even the worst of it- the sex and sex talk is…I’ll just repeat- it’s not a show for teens and 1 viewing would make that clear for most people.

Another raunchy show is Degrassi. They took the wonderful, yet corny series from the 80′s and turned it into a new show for a new millenium. Great, right? Not so fast. The show started off okay in the first year, but it started to get heavy into sex, drugs, raunchy jokes, sex talk, and pushing a homosexual agenda as well. There are episodes on rape, drug abuse, suicide, violence, and much more. Not exactly kid-friendly fare either in my book. They are HEAVILY promoting new “unedited versions” of infamous episodes…one with a character named Manny who shows up in a thong (with shots of her walking the halls with her thong hanging out)…she gets in trouble and is told not to show her stuff again…so, she bends over in class for all the guys and she tells them that she’s not wearing any underwear. Classy.

Another “unedited” version being touted is constantly referred to as the episode with the “infamous trouser tent” where one character has an erection. Again…classy. And for teens, no less.

This is a disturbing trend in television- to target young audiences with very adult-like fare…sex talk, near nudity, cussing, violence, drugs, oral sex, rape, murder, and more. The-N is on the front lines of doing all they can to target young kids with their radical agenda- and if you don’t think these shows are laced with agenda, just watch a few episodes, and you’ll soon discover that they are indeed meant to sway the minds of young people. Even without the agenda- the shows are not appropriate for the age group they’re aimed at, and the folks at The-N know it. Hopefully, parents will get more involved in what their kids are watching and make sure that shows that air on The-N are shows that their kids aren’t allowed to watch. In the coming months, I see they are putting out more shows (that’s the way it looks from their new ads)…new seasons of Degrassi, and more. Lord only knows what these new episodes and shows will bring…


MLB 06: The Show (PSP) Part 2

A few comments on MLB 06: The Show for the PSP. The baserunning controls on this game are terrible. I’ve found myself more than once having two guys run bases when I only wanted one to run. I started a career mode, and would have gotten a man into 3rd, and he was safe…yet, for some reason the guy on second runs to 3rd base as well, causing the 3rd out and costing me the game.

The baserunning controls are bizarre to begin with. To advance a man- you hit the left shoulder button + the icon of the man on base. For the man on first, you hit circle and LEFT shoulder to advance him and RIGHT shoulder to run him back to first if you need to. This will, according to the manual run one man at a time…

Same with the others- LEFT shoulder button + triangle advances the man on second to third, the square plus LEFT shoulder moves the guy on 3rd to home.

The one positive is the button you hit fits with the shape of the baseball diamond- second base being on top, the triangle corresponding to it which is the top button. Same for the other two.

But, for some reason, the game likes to advance men whose icons you never even touched, as the situation I mentioned above.

The pitching and batting controls, I like- tho for batting I wish there was an option to show EVERY pitch you’re about to get as some games do. Even in rookie mode I don’t get this…maybe there’s a setting I’m missing or something, but I doubt it. You can “guess pitches” by hitting RIGHT shoulder + one of the shape buttons corresponding to a certain pitch linked to each button, and if the pitcher happens to choose that throw, an icon will show where the ball will go, which helps, because sometimes they come VERY fast and it’s hard to tell where the strike zone is.

Other than that, wonderful graphics, various stadiums that all look great so far from what I’ve seen…many different modes- from quick play, to season, to home run derby, manager, career mode, and more. All the real stats for each time from what I’ve read on other sites. Lots of replay ability here in my view.

You can even design your own player- customize his socks, hair color and style, eye color, weight, height, age, name, batting and baserunning and fielding abilities with “points” you have allotted, you can change his skin color, and lots more. Add your created player to one of the MLB teams and see your own name come up on screen as your man walks up to bat. Pretty cool- a common feature with many games, but there are many options you can change here which makes it great.

A really cool game- well worth the $50.

I traded in GTA Liberty City Stories (I finished it months ago) for SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo at Game Crazy the other day. I played a bit of it- it’s going to be difficult for me, those military games where you control more than one guy, have to switch between weapons, remember what all the various buttons do, remember the commands for your teammate, etc. I’ve never been too good at all of that stuff, but it looks like a good game nonetheless.

I’m going to trade in FULL AUTO for XBOX 360 (the game I got for free for placing banners on the site here), because I have no 360 console and get another PSP game. That, and I want to see what I can get for this terrible GBA game, Need for Speed Porsche Unlimited- AWFUL stuff here…bad graphics, boring game play, too easy to run into walls and stuff. No thanks.


Hussein Documents Link Iraq to bin Laden, WMD, and More

It’s time for the Democrats who called the president a liar to apologize. A semi-full list of those I demand an apology from coming later…

Hussein documents show links to bin Laden, al qaeda, WMD, and more…(ABC NEWS)

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes asks “Who’ll Let the Docs Out?”


Quickest Fishing Trip Ever (Video)


O’Reilly on Judge Connor of Ohio Part 2 (with Video)

Here’s the second segment [download 3mb video] Bill O’Reilly did on this Judge Connor of Ohio.

He interviews two women who lost children due to Connor’s actions. A drunk driver killed two young people, Ashley Hach (19) and Scott Rollins (20)…problem is- this was a guy with numerous arrests and he violated his parole. Even AFTER violating his parole, it seems Connor went to bat for him to make sure he didn’t get any jail time.

Ashley Hack and Scott Rollins

This is what Judge Connor said of the man who repeatedly raped two minor boys. Remember, Connor has been arrested at least 8 times and convicted at least twice of drunk driving (he claims he has a disease). Also, there was one case where Connor was found with cocaine. Here’s what Connor said of the rapist:

Judge Connor refuses to punish child rapist

The judge also refused, as I mentioned, to punish a drunk driver. Jose Sanpallo killed the teens I listed above while driving drunk…driving on the wrong side of the road, hitting them head on. Sanpallo had an extensive rap sheet with a DUI arrest conviction already on that record. Sanpallo was killed in the wreck as well. Judge Connor had him released early from prison and even tho the guy violated his parole, he wouldn’t punish him and give him any jail time.

Connie Hach and Melissa Rollins talk to Bill about the judge, who they think shouldn’t even been allowed on the bench to begin with.

Connie Hach
Melissa Rollins


O’Reilly on Judge Connor of Ohio (Video)

I finally have the video up from this post

UPDATE 3/17/06, 4:20 AM: I had a slight delay, but I got the video up from O’Reilly’s segment of this judge.
(download video [screenshot below]- 7.26 mb wmv file)

Bill O'Reilly on Judge Connor of Ohio
O’Reilly on Judge Connor of Ohio

I will try to have his second segment from the next day where he talked to two mothers of a young boy and girl both killed by a drunk driver who this judge refused to put behind bars, even after he violated his parole. I missed the 3rd segment (from Wed, I think) where O’Reilly was supposed to have the Ohio atty general on.


Corneil and Bernie to Hit DVD

From Home Media Retailing:

Nicktoons Show Coming to DVD
Posted: March 13, 2006
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“Corneil & Bernie” is coming to DVD. The animated adventures of a dog-genius and his bizarre dogsitter air nightly on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons Network, and now First National Pictures has acquired all the video rights for the series from production company Earthworks Entertainment.

“This is a wonderful, world-class property,” said Cathy Malatesta, head of global licensing for Earthworks. “First National Pictures [is] a powerhouse distribution company with tremendous retail sales connections”

First National Pictures expects the family-friendly series to be a big hit on DVD, said company president and CEO Ryan Kugler.

“Kids and parents are hungry for entertainment they can share and enjoy together — whenever, wherever and as often as they want,” he said.


PSP MLB 2006: The Show

I FINALLY picked up a new game for my PSP. I picked up MLB 2006: The Show. A wonderful baseball game from MLB.

MLB O6: The Show for PSP

I’ve always been a fan of baseball games in general. They usually last a long time- good for hours of entertainment, especially when you have many features like playing an entire season, classic teams and uniforms, etc. I’m actually not sure of all the feature for this game yet tho, as I’ve only played 2 full quick play games…just to try to figure out the controls.

At first I couldn’t get the pitching right, but I finally realized how to do it- in part. You hit the “sweet spot” that is lit up on the meter…the further up you go, the harder the throw is. I’m mainly sticking to fastballs the entire time, as the other abbreviations, frankly I’m not even sure what half of them mean.

The baserunning is pretty bad if you ask me- why they chose to make you use the shoulder buttons to run and return to a base, I’ve no idea…and I’ve noticed if you have it set to baserun yourself, you can sometimes SOMEHOW get two guys on the same bag at the same time- I had that happen at least 3 times when I changed the settings to let me control the baserunners. They have a setting to do auto baserunning which is much easier, but I wanted to see if I could figure out the baserunning myself. Like I said, tho, it’s confusing to say the least. The shoulder button use in baserunning was a terrible idea in my view, especially on the tiny PSP, where it’s often somewhat difficult to hit the shoulder buttons and effectively use the controls below at the same time.

A great game so far…will look into the features, get a season started, see what else it has to offer. A great value for the hours I could spend playing it. $50 well spent in my book.


Overblown Avian Flu Scare

The avian flu is making headlines, with scientists claiming it could land in the US in a matter of weeks. Worse- there are some out there who are sounding the alarms, claiming that we could lose half the entire US population if the virus mutates and is able to be spread from human to human.

Now, there’s no evidence that the virus will suddenly mutate and if it did mutate, there’s no reason to automatically think that the mutation would allow it to be spread from human to human. We have a world population of over 6 billion and how many people have died from this virus? From what I’m reading, it’s less than 200 people over the period of at least a year or two. Now, under 200 people over 2 years- is this cause for panic? Hardly. I think it’s safe to assume more than 2 people die each day from falls from ladders! Heck, worldwide, I’d say it’s a safe bet to say that more people day every day from accidents involving slipping in the bathtub.

The point is- there’s no epidemic, let alone a pandemic, and there’s no reason to think that this virus will mutate and affect humans in the way some are claiming.

One government agency has a person out the other day telling all Americans to stockpile 3 months worth of food and water. I’ve no idea where the average American family would store 3 months of food and water to begin with!

We’ve heard these scare claims before with other viruses- be prepared for the worst, this could kill half the nation! Millions dead in the streets! Now, I know there have been flu epidemics, and they’ve caused millions of deaths, but let’s not deny that we’ve come a long way in regards to medicine since then. Not that it matters- a virus could become a pandemic, even with modern medicine, but the chances, in my view, aren’t anywhere near that being touted by far too many scientists right now.

This is a virus that has killed a tiny number of people worldwide, it’s not spread from human to human, and there’s no reason to think that the virus will suddenly mutate to spread this way…precautions are fine, but trying to scare the daylights out of people does nothing. Most people will shrug this off as more medical nonsense, others will be so scared they might lock themselves behind closed doors and taped up windows…

I have a feeling too many “experts” out there are trying to scare too many people over what might amount to nothing. This virus MIGHT mutate and spread from human to human, it MIGHT do this, it MIGHT do something else…hell, HIV might mutate tomorrow and be spread thru the air, but it’s not likely. Nor is it likely that avian flu will suddenly mutate, that mutation will be one that allows it to be spread person to person and to wipe out half the US, as one scientist said recently.

Unfortunately, playing scare tactics is a double-edged sword. It scares moderate sense into some, scares downright panic into others, but many more merely shrug it off as yet another medical prediction that likely won’t come true.