Dinner For Five

This was always such a great show. I see they have the entire series on DVD, but it’s $250. Yikes. This show had so many great Hollywood stories you would never hear, but Favreau made all these stars so comfortable over dinner and some cigars that they would spill their guts every episode.

Prince: Let’s Go Crazy

I cannot find the video now, but I saw some video earlier that broke down all the instruments from this song. Crazy, because it all sounds so amateurish, including the vocal tracks, but when it all comes together it works. Insanity.


I need to use my eye benefits. I will need another eye exam, I guess, but I am looking at Warby Parker glasses right now. These two strike me as possibilities? Which onessssss? Kimball or Weathers? The Kimball is like the ones I have now but need to wear more often but thicker and colorful. Not sure…let me know in the comments. Please. I need feedback.

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